Success – that is what you want.

Strange angle to take when you look at the title of this segment. You don’t have to attend every fight that you get invited to.

When we grow up we tend to land ourselves amongst other human beings. Funny thing that, this is how life works.
What happens is we tend to start talking about our goals and dreams and at the same time we listen to what others have to say about their opinions about life, success etc.
You try to fit in, try to make sure that everyone likes you. So others start to say things about you, not always bad but not necessarily complimentary, only because they themselves feel they need to show who is the best, like the alpha male of the pack.

You spend more time making sure that you actually still fit in and make the grade amongst the pack. You have just accepted the invitation to attend the fight you were invited to.

Not a physical fight but a fight to try and reach the top of the group you find yourself in.

Is that the original plan you had for yourself? Is that the success you dreamed about, or was it to be successful, in terms of financial success, be the best at what you do in logging, have your own crew or to live life without debt?

But how quickly have you forgotten the initial goal all because you decided to accept the invitation from others who have forgotten their own goals the same way you did?

You do not have to attend every fight you get invited to.

Keep your eyes on YOUR prize, your goals, what YOU want to achieve.

Don’t the diminish what you can achieve through the distractions of others. Become a person who knows the direction he initially set for himself and stay on that track. If you live by this rule

– you do not attend –
– every fight you –
– get invited to –

success surely will find you.

When last did you have five minutes completely on your own?

When we say completely on your own, we mean completely on your own, no checking the phone, not having someone sitting next to you being silent or being alone watching TV.

When you play music for instance the music you play form connections in your head with what you are doing at that moment. It files it in your memory banks and whenever you play these songs again it will bring back emotions and memories reminding you what you did or what happened the previous time you listened to the song. Most of us listen to music when we go out for a run these days. 

You may think this is alone time and to some degree it is but when you listen to music while you run you are still connected to emotional ties that you have linked to the songs you play. You are still connected and you are still forcing your mind to be ready to respond in a certain way.

So if that is not alone time what do we mean with the term alone time or time to disconnect.
Disconnect time is exactly that. Time where there is no connection or opportunity to connect.

It is where you give your mind time to be disconnected from the pressure and demands that is being put onto it all the time. This is time where you do not carry a phone with you, nothing.

Taking a walk without a phone, electronic device or another person and being able to hear the sounds around you that is random, or being able to smell what is around you at random will give you a sense of being on your own.

What happens during this time is even more important. Your mind is now able to process and properly file all the
information, all the new links that it made during the week into a proper format. You are able to think more clearly about certain conversations and things that happened to you during the week. This enables you to put things into perspective and maybe even see someone else’s perspective on things.

Thirty minutes minimum a week will make you feel refreshed and it is almost as if you reordered the closet and you can find things easily again. 

A person who takes time out to disconnect and be on their own from time to time is more grounded and secure in who he or she is. Plan some time on a weekend to take a walk or a run for thirty minutes to be completely on your own. A walk give better results than a run as your mind does not have to “think on its feet” at rapidly changing environments. If you feel overly stressed and claustrophobic from all the people and things that demand time and effort from you all the time, take our advice, make the time to disconnect from the world.

Our suggestion is to be on your own for 30 minutes at a minimum at least once a week. Do yourself that favor, disconnect to be more connected.

– MLM –


Loggers – some of the toughest individuals in the world.

We endure the extremes that nature throws at us to complete our tasks within a group of other loggers, who endure the same things we do.

We do not just endure what nature throw at us but what other humans throw at us,
opinions and arguments – some positive and some negative.

In the end we are still human who have to work and live with other humans.

What they or we throw at us are sometimes the hardest things to withstand. We can deal with what nature throw at us the majority of the time, but the opinions,
arguments and feelings of resentment towards us and others are sometimes the things that break us.

We do the things that humans do –we form opinions and feelings about ourselves and others based on what we do and what we experience every single day. 

Think about when you first became a member of your crew. Think of that one person who you, in the beginning, thought that you would be great friends with but later on became resentful towards because of something he or she said or did.


Opinions and negative attitudes can sometimes be created by a one time event

Or the person who you once had respect for but now have less respect for because of something he or she did.
You had an experience and because of this experience your thoughts and feelings towards another is either positive or negative. Sometimes these thoughts are directed inwards towards ourselves based on how we feel we performed within the group or based on what someone said or did towards us during our day.

How many of us live our lives 

based on our own ideas of what the opinion of others are towards us?
– Do you feel that you are not as good as others based on what you think others think of you?

– Do you limit what you will be able to do in the future, based on what someone said to you days or weeks ago?

– Do you treat someone ill just
because of a specific opinion you formed about another?

You can be the toughest individual in the forest and yet be limiting yourself, the potential of your relationships towards others or your ability to maybe one day run your own business, all because of build up opinions and feelings towards others or yourself that is neither helpful nor positive.

Sometimes these grudges or negative feelings towards others and ourselves are based on a onetime event. The event has been long forgotten and was so insignificant that you cannot even remember the details of it today. And yet, that grudge stuck in your head and you have been living with it ever since.

How much better a person could you be towards yourself and others if you live a life where you turn a new page on a daily basis?

Make a decision to stop and take a long hard look at your own thoughts and feelings.
Purge yourself from all things negative in your thoughts towards yourself and others on a daily basis, in the mornings before you go to work and in the evenings when you go home. Let the anger, resentment and ill intentions go.
Do this for thoughts and feelings to all the people in your life and you will become a better version of you daily. -MLM-

Purge your mind from anything negative daily – thoughts and emotions.

You do not have to be a prisoner of one time events.