Ponsse’s powerful harvester head for processing eucalyptus trees

ponsse H8 Debarking Tree Harvester and processor

Ponsse has always been innovating new products that are taking the company further in the forestry market.
This harvester head is no exception to the already powerful tree harvesters in the Ponsse harvester line-up.

If debarking big trees is part of your logging contract, then this head is a must in your team.



Ponsse launches a new powerful harvester head for processing eucalyptus trees

This harvester head has been designed with such an intense focus to produce one of the best harvester heads for Eucalyptus debarking that it demands attention.

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Since 2014, Randalls Equipment Company has been the Australian distributor for Sany excavators sold into forestry applications in Australia.

Over this period there have been machines sold into various applications such as harvesting Bluegum as well as pine.

One application that lends itself particularly well to the Sany carrier has been log loading. When fitted with the Australian built Randalls 0.55m2 or 0.80m2 rotating grapple or fixed grapple and a guarding package, the machine is transformed into a high quality, highly productive log loader that can be used in a mill-yard or in the forest loading trucks.

When we look a little deeper inside the Sany excavator and the company building them it becomes apparent that this is a truly world class company building world class equipment.

 The SY245F runs an Isuzu 6BG175HP Tier II engine, Kawasaki pumps and valve and Hydash track drives. 

Sany itself has been building excavators for more than 20 years and have refined their engineering processes to a point where the quality is equal to that of Japanese built excavators.  



Sany currently have the capacity to manufacture as many as 80,000 excavators per year and they are sold in all parts of the world.

Sany SY245F Specs

Machine weight – 25,000kg
Engine – Isuzu 6.49lt Tier II
Power – 175Hp
Fuel capacity – 340l
Oil flow – 2 x 252lt

The range of Randalls grapples has grown over the years off the back of strong demand from Countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Due to the demands of log loading in these parts of the world so to the design and strength of Randalls grapples has been adapted to enable them to work in some of the toughest conditions in the world.

Today Randalls remain the sole Australian manufacturer of rotating log grapples.
Randalls products are built from start to finish in Melbourne using robotic welding and advanced machine tools in order to produce a top quality Australian product that will withstand anything you can throw at it.


Randalls Grapple range

0.36HD – 378KG
0.45HD – 480KG
0.45IR12 – 570KG
0.55IR22 – 830kg
0.80IR22 – 980kg
1.3IR22 – 1,400kg
2.0XR400 – 2,300kg


Quadco saw teeth have become the industry standard around the world, even more so with their two-piece system and shank less models. Available with sharp or chipped x-point tips with G1 or 11C carbide grades.

G1 Carbide grade are used in highly abrasive applications and 11C Carbide grade are used in areas where the soil is contaminated with gravel. Quadco carbide teeth use the patented overlapping design to prevent blow by and erosion of the teeth and disc.

Their steel teeth are heat treated to the highest Rockwell rating on the market without compromising impact resistance.

Their patented, segmented discs protect the disc with replaceable tooth holders making them ideal for high impact applications.

Quadco’s one-piece discs are designed for use in abrasive conditions and are rated as the best in the industry.

Quadco manufactures saw discs to fit almost any application. With the Quadco design they can also offer
reversible tooth holders fully symmetrical allowing the tooth to be mounted on either side to double the life of the holder.
Through research and development of the Quad Tooth system, Quadco has developed tougher, more sustainable mower and grinder teeth to withstand harsh elements. Available for all popular applications, these teeth perform well in even the toughest conditions. When using a Quad Tooth, less cutting effort is required which results in fuel savings and less wear on your machine.

Quadco’s standard factory tips are all one piece.
In addition, they have designed a holder that has replaceable teeth and, in some instances, rotatable / reversible teeth for reduced cost and longer life.

As a true visionary and pioneer in the forestry industry, Quadco embrace quality craftsmanship, business relationships, and loggers needs.

Incorporated in 1989, Quadco are recognized worldwide for revolutionizing the forestry industry through development of the Quad Tooth® System as well as other valuable products used by loggers every day.



SP was founded in 1978 and presented the world´s first ever single grip harvester head in 1980.

SP has the longest period of experience of all harvester head manufacturers in the field of development and manufacture of harvester heads for professional forestry.
2018 has been a busy year for the SP product development team. Two new harvester heads have been released for sale after being tested in various harvesting operations around the world.

This is an amazing feat as there has been few new releases in the harvester head division for a few years now from all manufacturers.
The new developments have made the SP harvester heads a sought after processor for many professional logging crews globally.

The design concepts from SP is some of the most remarkable designs on the market today, with a clean, hidden hose routing making this a prefered choice in a variaty of operations.

SP661 LF

The SP 661 LF is the latest design from SP. It is a compact and strong high performance harvester head designed according to SP ́s Low Friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity.

The SP 661 LF is designed to offer the highest productivity in both small and large diameter harvesting of softwood and hardwood.

One of the major focus points when designing the SP 661 LF was to reach maximum reliability and up time. For this reason a large part of the design work has been focused on achieving an optimum hose routing and protection of hoses.

As with other SP head models only the best quality hydraulic components are used to further increase the reliability.

The result is a harvester head with zero visible hoses/fittings and probably the best reliability and up-time on the market today.

The SP 661 LF also, thanks to the LF (low friction) design in combination with state of the art hydraulics and computer software the SP 661 LF, offers a productivity that is absolutely top class.
In large diameter harvesting the proportional angled feed rollers in combination with SP ́s patented knife control system LogHold, ensures an impressive capacity and productivity. 

When harvesting smaller diameter trees the compact and agile design is a great asset. Equipped with the optional Multi tree handling equipment the SP 661 LF is able to reach highest productivity also when harvesting very small tree dimensions.

Other options that are available are a top saw , processor knives and a find end sensor making the SP 661 LF equally as productive felling at the stump as when working as a dedicated processor.

Another great feature on the SP 661 LF head is the possibility to change between the .404 and the ¾” chain/saw bar in just a few minutes.

The SP 661 was released for sale in early 2018 and to date around 40 units have been delivered to The SP 661 was released for sale in early 2018 and to date around 40 units have been delivered to customers and dealers all over the world and the demand is steadily increasing. 

Main specifications SP 661 LF

Weight                                                   1480 kg
Wight incl. top saw                             1600 kg
Max cutting standard                           700 mm
Max cutting optional                            810 mm
Max feed roller opening                      630 mm
Full coverage delimbing range           30 – 510 mm

SP661 E

The SP 661 E is designed for one task only – one pass debarking of plantation grown eucalyptus.
The highest debarking quality and productivity is achieved through a unique combination of specially designed debarking knives, replaceable bark deflectors and high-speed feeding capabilities.

Thanks to the proportional pressure function on the knives and feed rollers the debarking process is easily and perfectly adjusted for different conditions, resulting in the best possible debarking quality and minimum fiber damage. The SP 661 E shares the same state of the art hose routing and protected design as the

SP 661 LF and because of this it is able to offer unrivaled reliability and up-time. SP 661 LF and because of this it is able to offer unrivaled reliability and up-time.
The SP 661 E truly is an impressive, productive and reliable debarking harvester head.

Main specifications SP 661 E

Weight                                                                1520 kg
Max cutting standard                                        600 mm
Max feed roller opening                                   630 mm
One pass debarking dia. Range             27 – 250 mm

SP 591 LX G3

The SP 591 LX is purpose built for the debarking of difficult and crooked eucalyptus and acacia.
Since the launch in 2007 it has gained a very good reputation in various global markets for its simple and robust design in combination with its high production.
It is specifically designed to handle crooked and difficult to debark species of eucalyptus and acacia.

The latest version is called G3 which was released in 2016. The G3 version offers an increase in up-time and reliability thanks to a redesigned measuring device using a very rugged and reliable type of non-contact encoder. 

Also contributing to the increase in up-time is the further refined house routing and component placement.Also contributing to the increase in up-time is the further refined house routing and component placement.

Main specifications

Weight 1800 kg
Max cutting 600 mm
Max feed roller opening 630 mm
Delimbing 30-430 mm


CannonBar Works
announces the all new
Cannon DuraLite SuperBar
their first
chainsaw bar

This bar combines the professional quality of their traditional Cannon SuperBar with the weight reduction that the industry has been demanding.
The new Cannon DuraLite SuperBar is made from a virtually completed SuperBar.
After the bar has been grooved and the rails have been flame hardened, Cannon eliminates weight by milling out pockets on either side of the SuperBar, leaving a steel core in the center for strength. The center section is then perforated with holes.
This method of construction is based on the same principal that one would see in an I-beam.

Cannon then uses a special adhesive which not only bonds the steel to two flexible aluminum inserts, one on each side of the bar, but also creates a chemical bond or weld between the two inserts.
The new DuraLite SuperBar remains ridged and stiff, has the same quality characteristics as the traditional SuperBar, but weighs about 20% less.

Prototypes of these bars have been put to test by many hand-fallers in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California over the past year and all reviews have come back extremely positive. all reviews have come back extremely positive.

Kaitlin Scown, Vancouver Island, BC, pictured above.

“The Cannon Bar is doing great so far. I bucked a super loaded log the other day and it ripped my saw out of my hands, broke my chain tensioner and pinched my bar hard against the side of another log. The bar was fine.” – Kaitlin Scown, Vancouver Island, BC, pictured above.

 As hand fallers we work in a demanding environment, abundant with hazards. Our gear needs to be in top shape to give us piece of mind so we can perform physically and more importantly mentally. 

Over the last 60 falling days I have cut in burnt timber, small wood, big wood and the Cannon DuraLiteSuperBar performed way past my expectations, the best light-weight bar I have ran. 

Rigid, tough and balanced. It’s down right tough and its the first piece of riggin that I can say is made for a logger. I’ll have my hands on a DuraLiteSuperBar as soon as they are released.” – Big Bark Falling, BC.

Cannon will have these bars out on the market and available through dealers November 2019. (Also listed in MYLOGGERMAG’s forestry directory) Visit their website or their social media accounts @cannonbarworks for more information.

Big Bark Falling, BC

introducing the
GN Series
forestry grapple

the latest in the

Powerhand range

Powerhand is a specialist attachments manufacturer based in south west Scotland and a division of 96-year-old family owned forestry company, Clark Engineering.
Powerhand has been designing and manufacturing attachments for the forestry, rail, recycling, and port handling industries for over twenty-five years and over that period has established itself as a leading supplier to these industries.
At the heart of the Powerhand philosophy is a belief that in order to produce the highest quality products, the whole manufacturing process must be controlled. It is therefore no surprise that Powerhand’s motto is ‘From concept to creation’, given that all design, fabrication, manufacturing, and testing of its own hydraulic cylinders is completed in house.

All products are created using only the highest quality Swedish alloy steels.

The new GN Series is no different. It incorporates all of Powerhand’s vast industry knowledge and the end is a grapple that boasts great versatility and durability.

Powerhand has produced selector grabs for pinching rail on the railway and log bundling grapples for handling timber in sawmills and ports for more than twenty-five years.

The GN Series encompasses both of these tasks and so, is a grapple that is well-suited to the demands of the modern forestry environment.

  The GN Series has been designed around the existing geometry of The GN Series has been designed around the existing geometry of Powerhand’s existing log bundling grapples, which make timber handling a simple task.
Unlike most by-passing leg log grappleswith a ‘big leg’ and ‘small leg’ that pass through each other,making pinching a single log difficult, the three-leg design of the GN Series enables easy picking of single items, whether it be logs, rocks, or rail.
The other notable benefit of the GN Series is the ability to both swing mount the grapple for material re-handling purposes or to rigid mount it for increased dexterity when picking and placing material. 

To withstand the demands of a rigid mounted application, the GN Series features boxed in laminate leg designs that add the necessary strength to make light work of the side loads a rigid mounted grapple experience. To withstand the demands of a rigid mounted application, the GN Series features boxed in laminate leg designs that add the necessary strength to make light work of the side loads a rigid mounted grapple experience. As with all Powerhand attachments, a world leading Indexator vane motor rotator is fitted as standard. In order to withstand the rigours the GN Series is subjected to, the rotator of choice is Indexator’s new high torque, high load capacity XR Series.
The new GN Series is available to see on the Powerhand section of the Clark Engineering stand at the upcoming Scottish Forestry Expo, alongside Powerhand’s range of heavy-duty high capacity GH Series log grapples.

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A very proud Tenho in front of one of his creations

TMK Tree Shear is a family owned company who also owns a little bit of forest in Central Finland. TMK Tree Shear is a family owned company who also owns a little bit of forest in Central Finland. Tenho Koponen, the owner of the company ran an earth moving company back in 2009. During the summer seasons it was really busy and there were plenty of earth moving work to be done.During the wintertime more spare time was available to take care of the forests. The forest was at first maintained with chain saws. As many of us know the winters in Finland are well known for their heavy snowfalls which make maintaining a forest with a chainsaw almost impossible. Tenho was looking for a tree shear for his excavator to help maintain the forests and make the job easier. After spending a lot of time investigating his options he still couldn’t find one that was perfect for what he wanted to do.

He bought one regardless to be able to get to work and lighten the load. 

It proved that the decision to purchase something on the spur of the moment was not the best one as the machine kept breaking down. In addition, the shear was very clumsy to operate in a tight forestry environment where the trees are growing very close to each other. The shear kept on hitting trees that were supposed to be left to grow.

Soon Tenho got frustrated and figured there must be a better way to design a shear head that will make his job easier.  He wanted to create a shear that was simple to use, agile inside the forest, and the most important thing, robust. As loggers we all know that you cannot afford equipment to break down all the time. As a result, after a few trials and errors, the first TMK Tree Shear was born.

The TMK Tree sheer can be used on a variety of machines, big and small making this a versatile product.

It was the first shear with a capsular structure and with just one moving grapple arm. The shear’s right side was straight and all the movement was on the left side which made it easy to be seen from the excavator’s cabin. This feature made it easy for the operator to work and avoid damaging selected trees that were supposed to be left undamaged for optimum growth.
As an inventor, Tenho was proud of his little invention and he made some simple Youtube videos of the TMK Tree Shear. Soon other people started to contact him to purchase the TMK Tree Shear and so the sales of the shears started. The first TMK shears started to sell in the winter of 2010.
Tenho spent the next couple of years running the earth moving company and selling shears as a side business.

In 2014 Nick Dinsdale from England saw one of the Youtube videos and he instantly recognized an opportunity as he knew that this product will do well in the UK.

 Nick with the TMK 300

Tenho didn’t speak any English at that time so the email exchange was done with the help of his wife and her colleague. After a few e-mails Tenho, his wife and his wife’s colleague, acting as the translator, went to pick Nick up from the airport who wanted to have a closer look at the TMK Tree Shear.

At this point Tenho asked his son, Tony Koponen to come and help with Nick. Tony is a 26 year old man living in Seinäjoki, Western Finland. He has a beautiful wife and a 4 year old little princess who has her dad wrapped around her pinky finger.
Tony wanted to be a doctor, so he was studying for the qualification exams and was working the summer at his uncle’s service station, Jari-Pekka in Hankasalmi, when he got the call from Tenho to come and help him with Nick.

Tony and his father have a good relationship and Tony was interested to see what his father was up to. Little did he know this event will change the course of his life.

Tony spent a couple of days with his father and Nick going around the shear and they got to know each other a little better.

After the very fruitful visit, Nick flew back home to England and ordered one shear for himself to test in the UK.

At that time Tony knew nothing about excavators, other than the few hours of digging with his dads machines. Now he found himself being the translator in the email flow from Nick to Tenho and back, describing how hydraulics work etc. Nick was an incredible person to work with and that’s how Tony got sucked into the tree shear business.

The Koponen’s started making the Youtube videos in English and also began focusing more on Facebook.

In the fall of 2014 they attended FINNMetko expo in Finland and it proved to be very successful for them!

Tony Koponen, Marketing and Export for TMK Tree Shears

Tony got more interested in the industry and started following different machinery groups on Facebook.
By January 2015 with the help of Nick, TMK solved some of the issues they had in England. TMK lowered the pressures in the excavators. A bigger cylinder was added to the product range to assist in being able to lower the pressures in the excavators.

The Koponens then went to the Lamma show in Peterborough with Nick and that really launched their export side as Nick kept selling the shears at a high pace that within a 6 month time frame Tony had gone from a wannabe doctor to the person responsible for the export of TMK Tree Shears!

Along the way more dealers signed onto the TMK family and the different markets brought in new kinds of needs. Tenho was already creating new optional attachments to the shear – such as a collector (also known as an accumulator) and a delimber.

Tenho is more a hands-on designer and the decision was made to involve Tenho’s brother Mika’s expertise into the business.

Mika’s was crucial for the product development. Mika had been working for Valmet as a paper machine designer for 20 years before being lured to TMK as a full time employee.
Getting Mika 100% on board really kicked the R&D to a different level. Mika and Tenho came up with the TMK Turbo cylinder and that has left its mark on the industry already.
A hydraulic extension beam and many other features have been created and improved with Mika’s help.
All of TMK’s optional attachments are also easily retrofitted, enabling the product itself to grow along the needs of the operator.

We are coming to the end of Summer 2019 and they find themselves building a brand new Headquarters with a production capacity of 1500 shears annually, efficient R&D facilities and a proper training center for their highly valued dealers and end customers.

TMK has grown from one man’s hobby into an international company with 20 direct employees and a very large TMK family of dealers around the world.

Their slogan Grow With Your Work has been so true in many aspects of the journey of TMK. The staff of TMK has also grown in their roles. The slogan is ingrained into the fiber of this company and we are sure to see this principle continuing in the culture of TMK.

The journey, from maintaining a small forest during winter, being frustrated with limited product s available at that time to having a vision and making that vision a reality, the journey has been an incredible one so far.

From a frustrated owner of a little forest to 1500 shears per year, you would agree the this truly is an example of what can be done if you believe in what you do.

We are looking forward to seeing more great designs from TMK.

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The incredible holding power of the TMK Tree Shear being displayed

The TMK Tree shear being displayed on a smaller sized excavator to dislay its versatility


When you experience a hard time with something, realise it is not just you but others experience the same.

When you experience a hard time with something, realise it is not just you but others experience the same.

When you experience a problem, see it is an opportunity to design or manufacture something new, instead of being transfixed on the problem only.

Never stop believing of what can happen.
Surround yourself with others that has skills you do not have.

Partner with a marketing team that can help you get the word out what you do. People don’t buy bread from you if they don’t know you sell bread.
You don’t always have to change your whole life o live the life you want, your success may be right at your fingertips.



We look into how
Cannon Bar Works Ltd.
manufacture these high quality bars and why you achieve up to three times the life compared to a lower cost bar

Skyler Meyers of Triple H Rigging in Zeballos, British Columbia

Since 1955, CannonBar Works has provided saw chain guide bars to the worldwide forest industry where only the highest quality bar stands a chance of longevity.

Cannon started with one bar – the SuperBar –a chainsaw bar truly made for professionals.
Ranging in lengths of 12” up to 84” this chainsaw bar tends to outlast any competing bars by up to three times and results in less downtime and better production.

Cannon also manufactures package cutting bars for sawmills, chainsaw bars designed for narrow-kerf chain, wood carving, pruning, fire rescue, and double-ended bars for chainsaw milling.
In addition to all of these, CannonBar Works also makes a full line of .404 and ¾ pitch harvester bars to fit all makes and models of harvester and processor heads.

Every single Cannon bar is individually made by their skilled craftsmen and put through rigorous quality assurance checks prior to packaging. There are no exceptions to their quality standards. In fact, if a bar is not up to standards, it is scrapped.

The old age “You get what you pay for” certainly pertains to Cannon bars. For good reason, their bars sell for approximately 15% to 30% more than some of the mass-produced bars on the market. Positive feedback from professional loggers using Cannon bars say that they will often get over three times the life out of one compared to a less expensive mass-produced bars.
Cannon Bar Works’ objective has always been to provide their customers with the highest quality chainsaw bars at the fairest possible price.

Cannon Bar Works Ltd. is located in Langley, BC, where all Cannon Bars are made from high grade, custom formulated, cold rolled and annealed steel that has extra chromium for wear resistance and extra molybdenum for strength. From the raw steel, each bar is precisely water jet cut, so that there are no Heat Affected Zones.

Once the steel is cut, it is heat treated, oil quenched and press tempered to achieve just the right hardness for strength, durability, toughness and flexibility.

Next, bars are straightened, surface ground, and CNC milled, leaving little margin for error.
After this, the bar is put into the hands of Cannon’s Master Barmen, who give it Cannon’s claim to fame, the precision honed groove. Every bar has a true and centred groove that is accurate to within .003” of the desired gauge.

Next, using a proprietary flame hardening process, the bar rails are hardened to 5 points more than the tie straps on most models and brands of chain. This special hardening process penetrates much deeper than electric induction hardening and results in much longer bar rail life. 

The bars are then put through a stress relieving system in order to expel tension that builds up in the bars through all of the different processes. This step realigns the molecular structure to ensure that the bars will not be stressed and prone to premature cracking.
Finally, the bars are ready for the finishing touches. Cannon applies the attractive brushed gun metal finish to the bars, then engraves them with identifying numbers and silk screens them with the bright orange Cannon logo.
They are then ready to be tipped, put through final quality assurance tests, packaged and shipped to the customer.

Right now, Cannon is working on releasing a lightweight bar – the SuperBar DuraLite – which combines the professional quality of the SuperBar and the weight reduction that the industry has been demanding.
This bar is made to the exact same quality and durability standards as the Cannon SuperBar and every other bar that goes out of Cannon’s shop.
Prototypes of these bars have been put to test by many hand fallers in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California over the past year and all reviews have come back extremely positive. Cannon is expecting to have this bar out on the market in the Fall of 2019.
On the following pages are examples of the saw bar in use.

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Cannon Lightweight Prototype – Mountain Forestry Equipment and Big Bark Falling

Cannon Lightweight Prototype – Mountain Forestry Equipment and Big Bark Falling 


PONSSE Buffalo

Strength   and   reliability.

PONSSE has always been renowned for building tough, reliable forestry machines. This point has been proven in Australia since the introduction of the 20T Elephant King Forwarder back in 2015. Since then, a good number of Australian contractors and their operators testify that the Elephant King really does pull its weight in regards to quality, reliability, operator comfort and performance. Fast forward from 2015 to today and there have been more than twenty PONSSE Elephant King forwarders go to work in Australia. Quite an achievement when you consider PONSSE had never had any representation in Australia until late 2014. In addition to the large and powerful Elephant King forwarder, there is also a slightly smaller but none less impressive Buffalo forwarder now available in Australia.

The Elephant King

The all-powerfull and nimble Buffalo, perfect fit for thinnings

Starting inside the cabin of both machines, the layout is clean, quiet and ergonomic and provides the operator excellent visibility all around and above through the unique sloped rear screen.

There is loads of storage space and enough room to comfortably accommodate two additional riders behind the operator. This space becomes particularly useful when training new operators.

Fitted out with automatic climate control, hands free telephone, Bluetooth radio and a heated high back seat with neck and side rests, the cabin finish and comfort is
likened to the quality of a luxury car.

The panoramic view from the Ponsse forwarders is unbeatable

The K100+crane, manufactured by PONSSE is strong and powerful.

It is controlled via mini levers which are easily fine-tuned to suit the operators’ needs on Ponsse’s OPTI touch screen control system.This control system also helps operators understand all critical on-board systems while they are in control of the machine.

 The powerfull Tier 3, 275hp Mercedez Benz, 6 Cylinder engine.

Getting its immense power to the ground starts with a Tier 3, 275hp Mercedes Benz,6 cylinder engine.

The use of this engine has helped Ponsse’s customers in non-European Countries avoid the use of costly and troublesome Ad Blu and after treatment systems not required by Australian regulations.

From there, power is transferred through a hydro-static transmission and German built NAF axles and bogies.


PONSEE Buffalo/K100+ key specs

* 19 800 kg weight
* 275HP Mercedes Benz OM906
* 195kNm lifting moment
* 48kNm slew torque
* 240kN tractive effort
* 260lt fuel capacity
* Automatic fire suppression
* Electric hydraulic oil fill
* Electric tilting cabin and engine bonnet
* LED high performance lighting
* Horizontal and vertical hydraulic load gate
* Load transport capacity 14000 – 15000 kg (Higher
volume of cargo transport with balanced bogies )


When you consider the track record of Ponsse worldwide and look at the same track record in Australia, Australian contractors will definitely benefit from having a second look at Ponsse as an addition to the fleet they may currently have.

Ponsse is making some steadfast progress in every country it established itself.

If reliability and after sales service is part of your decision making progress, then looking up a Ponsse dealer should be your next step. –MLM