The ugly truth is this:

The fact that you have a gut-wrenching feeling that you are not ready is because you, like so many others, do not have a solid foundation that will sustain you or your family for some time if anything should happen.

And please do not think that the foundation or plan is made up of finances only. It is made up of more than that. Miss one ingredient in your foundation and you will continue to have that gut-wrenching feeling… “I am not ready.”

Being ready means that you will be able to sustain your life for a minimum of 90 days with:

  1. No help from others.
  2. No handouts.
  3. No help from the government.
  4. No loans.

You are only ready when you know that you will be completely self-sufficient for some time with no outside help and this means not just financially.

We are not suggesting you need a bunker for war times. We only suggest that in today’s day and age a worst-case scenario will be where you are in lockdown for some time and the economy has turned for the worse or you lose your income. The absolute worst case is that every other person you know finds themselves in the same position at the same time as you and will not be able to help you.

If this is your worst-case scenario, you will be on your own and you will have to see this through on your own.

Think about that for a second. Are you able to look after yourself and your family for some time if ever this worst-case scenario presents itself? This is the only time where you will ever be in a place where you will have peace of mind and that is a fact. It is the only truly powerful place to be in if you could look after your family, completely on your own for some time with no outside help. Because you cannot do this at this moment, you have this gut-wrenching feeling that you are not ready. You may have the finances but something else is lacking, or everything else is set in place but you do not have enough finances to see you through.

How powerful and peaceful would it feel if you knew, that whatever happens you are the one person who has taken all precautions and put in place a plan so that your family is taken care of for some time when the worst-case scenario presents itself.

We all know the saying – prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The sad truth is we live for the best of times and hope the worst never happens.

Do you want to live with this sense of security?

Step 1:

Make this decision: “I will never be in this situation ever again where I fear – “How will I survive this”.

Step 2:

Sign up to get this compact powerful book gives you an unshakable step by step actionable plan, covering every aspect you need in your foundation to ensure your family can be taken care of whenever a setback hits.

Click on the link below and order your copy of this incredible book today.

This is what you know now:

  • We helped you to identify why you have a gut feeling that you are not ready if anything should happen. It is because you do not have a foundation that will see your family taken care of if anything should happen.
  • You now have access to a book that covers every ingredient you should have in your foundation ensuring you do not skip anything and find yourself lacking something when you need it most.
  • We share unique information that is only accessible in this book on how to prepare and build a foundation to take care of yourself and your family.
  • This is the only book that will help you see a setback through that you may be facing today even without this foundation previously built.
  • This book has already helped others to build this foundation and they are ready to face whatever setback may come their way.
  • You can now avoid being in a situation where you are not prepared if you have a setback.

Do not find yourself to be the only one not prepared because when disaster strikes and everyone else finds themselves facing the same disaster, you will be the only one you will be able to rely on and so would your family.

Never fear “How will I survive this” ever again, starting today!!!

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