June 2019


This edition of MYLOGGERMAG is a ground breaking edition for MYLOGGERMAG. It is the first magazine launched on our new online platform that is aimed to give you more news than ever before.


The website is also designed to give you access to a wide variety of information that will make it so much easier for you to navigate and find the relevant information that you may need.

 In this edition you will read the first of our installments of BRAND BUILDERS where we start with Ben Addenbrooke, a well known personality in the forestry industry in New Zealand.


We also have some of the most amazing pictures from New Zealand to show the incredible forests that New Zealand loggers have the pleasure to work in.

As part of the reveal of new Technology we have an article on the Ponsse Buffalo Forwarder, a product that has been making an incredible impact on the forestry landscape around the globe.

Welcome to the BRANDBUILDER series from MYLOGGERMAG.

BRANDBUILDERS are different from any other person who may ever set foot on your land. They are not salesmen, they are not mechanics or technicians and yet they are all these things and more. They are your go to people whenever you need something regardless of the specifics.

Think of that one person you will phone if you need a new machine, a spare part or a repair done on your machine. It is that one person who immediately comes to mind when you need something for your crew or business. The person you know will get it done no matter what? That is a brand builder.

So if you are a crew owner and you happen to have contact with a brand builder – your go to man – hold onto that phone number and never let it go. Brand builders will most likely move to another company on average every five years, unless they happen to find a company where their managers or owners of the brand actually understand the work ethic of a brand builder and fully support them in what they do and need, to be what they are – a brand builder. Although they may move to another company they will stay loyal to you the end user – the crew owner. It is a relationship that is pertinent to any crew owner’s success.

Brand builders are invaluable in the forestry industry. If it was not for our go to people most crew owners would have left the forestry industry a long time ago and looked for another way to make a living. Brand builders take the pain out of what we do as they keep us going when we need them most.

We trust that through this series you will find more brand builders that will help you, the crew owner get the most out of your machines and operation.



We first met Ben Addenbrooke when he was working for Ron Williams Forestry Services in Rotorua in New Zealand.

It was clear from the outset when we met Ben that we were dealing with an individual that stands out from the crowd. It is fair to say that Ben has an impressive personality that flows through his work ethic. From the outset it was clear that Ben operates on a level far above that what you can expect from a normal employee in a company.

Ben’s background

Ben was born in Kawerau, a mill town in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Ben’s incredible reputation started to build when he was given the opportunity to sweep the floor at HGM Construction and got offered an apprenticeship on completion of a basic engineering and mechanical course.

Ben completed his formal training and ran projects for HGM construction until the company closed its doors in January 2003.

Ben married Renee and moved to Rotorua and took on the roll as workshop foreman at Active Engineering running the forestry division where they guarded excavators for forestry use.

Ben stayed at Active Engineering for a year before having a fall out with the division manager and left to work for Engineering Services more commonly known as Ensign in the Guarding shop.

After a short stint in Australia Ben returned to New Zealand and went back to work for Active Engineering. Here Ben did some project work, developing their range of guarding packages before developing the field service side of the company and a weld on tungsten specialist applications like TACA, a hard facing process applied to wear components.

In early 2013 Ben took the step that many fear and partnered up with RWFS to build the company up from 3 employees to a team of 10 engineers and mechanics, servicing the forestry, agricultural and Quarrying industry. It was during this time RWFS became the preferred supplier to Harvesting manufactures and covered the entire North Island.
It was here that Ben met with Weytze van Heerden from Southstar in the beginning of their comeback into New Zealand. Ben led the team of RWFS that fitted up the first three processors to hit the country.

Ben’s incredible support and work ethic lead to him being offered the opportunity to join the Southstar brand and he started on contract with Southstar in August 2015. At this point Southstar had seven heads in operation in NZ, all with customers that Ben had previous dealings with.

With the takeover by the Quadco group in June 2016, Southstar saw some changes and it helped Southstar to open an assembly and parts shop in Rotorua in April 2017 to service the Southern hemisphere.

Southstar grew steadily with good sales due to a reputation for service. In February 2018 the Quadco Southstar group was acquired by Komatsu Forest but remained to run under the Quadco group. There are currently over 70 processors and falling heads working in New Zealand.In February 2019 Ben left Southstar to work at DC Equipment to take on their North Island sales and technical support for the Falcon forestry Range, helping to develop the service and product support side of the company. 

As we can see Ben’s past is filled with a very motivational story, coming from a small town, sweeping floors at a company to being a recognized brand builder made possible due to his larger than life personality and work ethic.


As can be seen, Brand Builders like Ben are instrumental in the growth of every company the associated with.

Brand builders have pride in their reputation and it is due to this pride in their own personal reputation that they provide the service they do.

The brand they represent builds their reputation on the back of Brand Builders such as Ben and not the other way around.

The following is where it becomes interesting as Ben is asked specific questions that reveal a bit more of the personality of a Brand Builder.

There are essentially two reasons why Brand Builders leave companies – the first is they may find a better opportunity to grow their own lives and live a more rewarding life and the other as we have said so many times in the magazine, they leave due to management and not because of the brand or company itself.

Ben: “My reason for moving on from being employed by Southstar has been to better my career but more recently it has been due to the lack of support with the change of ownership.

There was management changes at the top of the company and the focus we had on the customers was shifted more to the budget. 

I felt there was a lack of support for our staff as we were run off our feet and it fell on deaf ears at upper management.  

I believe they have had a shift in their stance on this and are working hard to try and sort their service but unfortunately too late for me. “


Ben has a work philosophy that is truly legend to any good leader.

Ben’s take on work: if he would not do it himself he would not expect any one else to either.

In Ben’s words: “If the floor needs sweeping pick up a broom, if there is a major repair requiring attention get in and get it done.

If my guys were going to be there all night I will be there all night with them. I believe this is how respect is gained and don’t leave it open for interpretation and that to me is how you develop a culture of workers.

To me everyone is equal and should be treated that way and given equal opportunity to grow within the company.”



MLM: What do you do for work life balance? What is your favourite pass time to establish a work life balance?

Ben: This is honestly where I struggle as I have put my heart and soul into the job. This is also part of my reason for the change in my career. I needed to step back and rearrange my life to allow a better work life balance with more focus on my family as my kids are young but growing so fast. My hobbies are fishing, sailing, dirt bikes, four wheel driving and camping which I try and involve my family in, in all these activities.

MLM: What is your dreams for the future?

Ben: “Obviously, I work for financial stability for my wife and kids and also instill work ethics in my children. I plan on traveling internationally as a family as it is not something I did as a child.

MLM: How do you think your work ethic has contributed to the growth of the brand you work or worked for?

Ben: My best customer experience is having current customers give references to potential clients on the service I strive to provide.

All customers, no matter who they are or where they are, they all receive my attention, that’s what makes me happy in what I do.

I personally believe that service builds brands as no matter how good your product is, eventually you will have problems and its how you sort those problems and keep them producing in a timely manner that makes the difference.

MLM: What personal challenges would you want to overcome?

BEN: In all honestly this is a very personal one as I have always been big my entire life so that for me would be to loose weight and get fitter. This is definitely something I want to focus on in the future.

MLM: Who would you contribute some credit towards or thanks towards for being in your life, on your career path or people who you have learned from?

BEN: First and foremost my father as he taught me work ethic. He was always at work when I was younger but made time for me and my brothers when he was home.

The other people are all the people I have worked with over the years. I have had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented people over the years who have taught me a lot either directly or indirectly even if they didn’t know they were.

Last but definitely not least is my customers as they gave me the opportunity to work with them and allow me to learn on the job as no matter how well you know your product you never actually know everything and 99 percent of your customers do the diagnosing for you to allow you to fix the issue.

MLM: What would you want to see change in the forestry industry?

BEN: I would like to see more young people get into the industry. It’s not a pretty industry from the outside. I would like to see the media present all sides of the industry because they seem to jump on the negatives of the industry, like how dangerous it is but never how rewarding it is.

MLM: What advice would you give to your young self?

BEN: Work hard but also travel as the world is a big place and through travel in the last few years it has opened my eyes to different aspects of the industry.

MLM: What advice would you give to others who want to get into forestry?

BEN: Do it. Forestry is a very rewarding place to work and you cannot beat the smell of fresh cut timber. You use big machines all day. It’s where childhood dreams come true if you are prepared to put the effort in. –MLM



– BIG –

Is going big the right move

In a world where we constantly compete against our neighbours and ever increasing demands on money, is going big the right move.

Is going big the right move?

Remember back in the day when you worked in a crew and you dreamed about having your own crew?

When you were at that point you wanted to go bigger for specific reasons.

One of those reasons was to increase your income to be able to provide more opportunities for your family and loved ones while doing what you love to do –

Here is another thing to consider.
When you started out in the forestry business you loved going to work, the fresh air, freshly cut wood and camaraderie in the team you worked in. You loved logging and being part of a team doing what you love.
Our love for the forest is what makes us loggers in the first place. You knew at that point owning a crew would give you a bigger income but at the same time you will still be able to enjoy the same things – logging and working in or with a crew.

It is these things and all of these things, your initial reason for starting a crew and also being able to do what you love, that we need to take into consideration before going bigger.

 How will this change your life if you have more than one crew?

If you go bigger, then yes you will achieve a higher financial income but everything has a price.

You may be able to provide more in terms of financial stability etc but you may lose something else that is more valuable and that is time with loved ones. Are you going to sacrifice time with loved ones for the sake of growing bigger?

You may also lose the love for what you do as you will have to increase the time you spend running your business.

When you go back to the reason why you initially wanted to start your first crew and then evaluate why you want to go bigger, your decisions might be wiser than just looking at the financial benefit it may bring.

The only time when it is honestly a good decision to go bigger is when you have a plan on how to increase the size of your business in such a way that you will be able to do everything that is needed to be done without sacrificing time with loved ones or losing the
opportunity to enjoy being a logger.



PONSSE Buffalo

Strength   and   reliability.

PONSSE has always been renowned for building tough, reliable forestry machines. This point has been proven in Australia since the introduction of the 20T Elephant King Forwarder back in 2015. Since then, a good number of Australian contractors and their operators testify that the Elephant King really does pull its weight in regards to quality, reliability, operator comfort and performance. Fast forward from 2015 to today and there have been more than twenty PONSSE Elephant King forwarders go to work in Australia. Quite an achievement when you consider PONSSE had never had any representation in Australia until late 2014. In addition to the large and powerful Elephant King forwarder, there is also a slightly smaller but none less impressive Buffalo forwarder now available in Australia.

The Elephant King

The all-powerfull and nimble Buffalo, perfect fit for thinnings

Starting inside the cabin of both machines, the layout is clean, quiet and ergonomic and provides the operator excellent visibility all around and above through the unique sloped rear screen.

There is loads of storage space and enough room to comfortably accommodate two additional riders behind the operator. This space becomes particularly useful when training new operators.

Fitted out with automatic climate control, hands free telephone, Bluetooth radio and a heated high back seat with neck and side rests, the cabin finish and comfort is
likened to the quality of a luxury car.

The panoramic view from the Ponsse forwarders is unbeatable

The K100+crane, manufactured by PONSSE is strong and powerful.

It is controlled via mini levers which are easily fine-tuned to suit the operators’ needs on Ponsse’s OPTI touch screen control system.This control system also helps operators understand all critical on-board systems while they are in control of the machine.

 The powerfull Tier 3, 275hp Mercedez Benz, 6 Cylinder engine.

Getting its immense power to the ground starts with a Tier 3, 275hp Mercedes Benz,6 cylinder engine.

The use of this engine has helped Ponsse’s customers in non-European Countries avoid the use of costly and troublesome Ad Blu and after treatment systems not required by Australian regulations.

From there, power is transferred through a hydro-static transmission and German built NAF axles and bogies.


PONSEE Buffalo/K100+ key specs

* 19 800 kg weight
* 275HP Mercedes Benz OM906
* 195kNm lifting moment
* 48kNm slew torque
* 240kN tractive effort
* 260lt fuel capacity
* Automatic fire suppression
* Electric hydraulic oil fill
* Electric tilting cabin and engine bonnet
* LED high performance lighting
* Horizontal and vertical hydraulic load gate
* Load transport capacity 14000 – 15000 kg (Higher
volume of cargo transport with balanced bogies )


When you consider the track record of Ponsse worldwide and look at the same track record in Australia, Australian contractors will definitely benefit from having a second look at Ponsse as an addition to the fleet they may currently have.

Ponsse is making some steadfast progress in every country it established itself.

If reliability and after sales service is part of your decision making progress, then looking up a Ponsse dealer should be your next step. –MLM



Loggers – some of the toughest individuals in the world.

We endure the extremes that nature throws at us to complete our tasks within a group of other loggers, who endure the same things we do.

We do not just endure what nature throw at us but what other humans throw at us,
opinions and arguments – some positive and some negative.

In the end we are still human who have to work and live with other humans.

What they or we throw at us are sometimes the hardest things to withstand. We can deal with what nature throw at us the majority of the time, but the opinions,
arguments and feelings of resentment towards us and others are sometimes the things that break us.

We do the things that humans do –we form opinions and feelings about ourselves and others based on what we do and what we experience every single day. 

Think about when you first became a member of your crew. Think of that one person who you, in the beginning, thought that you would be great friends with but later on became resentful towards because of something he or she said or did.


Opinions and negative attitudes can sometimes be created by a one time event

Or the person who you once had respect for but now have less respect for because of something he or she did.
You had an experience and because of this experience your thoughts and feelings towards another is either positive or negative. Sometimes these thoughts are directed inwards towards ourselves based on how we feel we performed within the group or based on what someone said or did towards us during our day.

How many of us live our lives 

based on our own ideas of what the opinion of others are towards us?
– Do you feel that you are not as good as others based on what you think others think of you?

– Do you limit what you will be able to do in the future, based on what someone said to you days or weeks ago?

– Do you treat someone ill just
because of a specific opinion you formed about another?

You can be the toughest individual in the forest and yet be limiting yourself, the potential of your relationships towards others or your ability to maybe one day run your own business, all because of build up opinions and feelings towards others or yourself that is neither helpful nor positive.

Sometimes these grudges or negative feelings towards others and ourselves are based on a onetime event. The event has been long forgotten and was so insignificant that you cannot even remember the details of it today. And yet, that grudge stuck in your head and you have been living with it ever since.

How much better a person could you be towards yourself and others if you live a life where you turn a new page on a daily basis?

Make a decision to stop and take a long hard look at your own thoughts and feelings.
Purge yourself from all things negative in your thoughts towards yourself and others on a daily basis, in the mornings before you go to work and in the evenings when you go home. Let the anger, resentment and ill intentions go.
Do this for thoughts and feelings to all the people in your life and you will become a better version of you daily. -MLM-

Purge your mind from anything negative daily – thoughts and emotions.

You do not have to be a prisoner of one time events.


Forestry face the
challenge of
finding new staff.

The struggles are compounded

because of the perception the

public have of forestry.

taking a page from a book in Chile,

we can improve the public’s perception

of forestry with one random

act at a time 



It is no secret that the public have a very negative perception of forestry in general.
We are thought of money hungry companies who are willing to destroy nature for the sake of making money.
We who are educated on the workings of a living breathing and managed forest know the many benefits of forestry.

The other side of things are the perception of forestry being a very dangerous industry. It may be true to some degree but we all have our safety plans in place to ensure our safety.

All of the above, our knowledge and procedures does not help us in the least unless we can start to turn the perception of forestry into a positive.

Bridging this gap may be easier that what we thought.

Forestry fires are a natural occurrence for many of us. Some fires as we all know are not natural but nonetheless they still influence the lives of many who live close or in a forestry environment, whether the forest is a native, natural forest or a managed forest. Both of them pose a risk to those living close by.

What if we as loggers stretch out our hands towards those in these communities? What if we, when we do work in close proximity to these neighborhoods stretch out a helping hand and create firebreaks to prevent fires from spreading into these neighborhoods. Not only do we help but we also use an opportunity to showcase machines in operation to those who live close to your operation.

You never know who may find a desire to come and work in the forestry industry due to you helping their neighbourhoods.

What if forestry management companies, when they do move crews, also assist in paying for a day’s use of a skidder to push firebreaks where it may be needed?

CONAF, a forestry division in Chile launched a program to prevent fires in these affected areas mentioned above.

This program, unique in Chile, work with funds provided by the Regional Government, to hire 3 machines to construct firebreaks in the sectors with the greatest risk of spreading fires to homes, within the 24 critical areas of the Biobío and Ñuble regions.

With the use of skidders and bulldozers, 77 kilometres of firebreaks have been constructed to prevent fires to enter the suburban areas.

The Regional Director of CONAF Biobío, Juan Carlos Hinojosa Cuneo, commented that “it is a priority for the State of Chile to
protect the people, first of all, and their assets, from forestry fires through the construction of firebreaks 4 to 6 meters wide around these areas that may be at risk of forestry fires.

Above from front to back.

1: The governor of Concepcion: Roberto Contreras Reyes
2: Department manager CONAF region Bio-Bio: Jorge Quappe de la Maza
3. Provinical manager Concepcion CONAF: Guilermo Reyes Cabrera

It is important to mention that the Municipal Emergency Departments of the critical suburbs have collaborated with facilitating the permits to enter private land where the construction of firebreaks are being made, besides organising meetings and social organizations to take care and maintain the clearance.




a profitable

your career… your business.
read that again.
your career… your business.
now add this;
your life your business.

Never thought of your career as actually being your business, or your life for that matter? What do you do when you go for an interview? You sell yourself. You talk about what benefits the company who is going to employ you will have if they hire you. You talk about your best attributes, skills etc that make you better than the others that are standing in line to be hired. You are selling a product – you. So stop thinking of yourself as just an employee – you are a business, a product, something of value that is being sold to the highest bidder. So let us take this further, if you are a business and you think of yourself as a business then you are obviously in business to make a profit. We never think about ourselves as a business or being in business to make a profit. We basically live our lives and settle for the money we get at the end of the month.

We then take our salaries home and then we try to make do with what we have. Very rarely do any of us actually get to the end of the month with money to spare.
Our outgoings are basically exceeding our income.

If you consider your life the same as a business then you are running your business or your life in other words at a loss and any business that continually runs at a loss will be bankrupt soon.

But it is not just money where our expenses exceed our income.

What about our energy levels, our rest, the way we spend our time at home, the quality time you spend with your family friends and loved ones?

If you think of your life and you think of it in terms of a business, a business that sell time, energy, love towards others, attention, motivation etc, how profitable are you really?

Don’t just live life in a rut

where you wake up,

go to work,

come home,





Are you making progress in your life and growing daily in all areas of your life? Are you becoming the best version of you? Are you heading towards a place where you could say that if your life was viewed as a business that you had a profitable one?

Don’t just live life in a rut where you wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat.

Start thinking of your life the same way business people think of their businesses. Look at every aspect of your life and develop it into what it can be.

Make your life a profitable one. Be deliberate in your time and energy and see it as an investment in growing your life.

Your life, make it the best it could be, focus on all aspects of it and create something of value. Your work (career) is just one part of the bigger picture.



new technology
tomorrow’s harvester

indexator releases its next generation HX harvest rotators
Working in the forestry industry, we will all know how difficult it is to invent something that will break the mold and set new standards for what can be achieved in the equipment we use to process and fell wood. Ask any forestry engineer the question and they will attest to this. So when a company releases a product that does the same as it has done before but changes the concept of how it absorbs the shocks that we put through the equipment we use, one needs to step back and give credit where the credit belong. The engineers and development team from Indexator released a new generation of rotator that is sure to set the bar so much higher in terms of reliability of rotator units. The new generation harvest rotators are based on a new principal especially adapted for use on applications in tough environments and demanding jobs. “We are using a patented torque transfer solution, meaning that external forces acting on the bearings do not affect the motor inside the HX rotator. This extends the rotator’s service life significantly,” says Johnny Karlsson. This technology has already been successfully applied to Indexator’s largest compact rotators, the XR-series, and a similar solution is now being transferred to the upcoming new generation harvest rotators.
The new HX rotator from Indexator

We are sure to see manufacturers of harvesting equipment swinging towards using this type of rotator for their heavy duty applications.

Customers with demanding applications will also start to look for a combination of a processor, loader or harvester fitted with these rotators.


Photo Gallery

Ivan Turdeich

Ivan works as the  Operations manager for Thomassen Logging Ltd , Taupo, New Zealand.

It is Ivan’s goal to promote forestry to show the next generation that logging is a very technological field which offers a lot of opportunities and career paths.

Follow Ivan on Instagram.

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11 – 13 SEPT 2019


The 3rd Lignum Latin America is a trade show aimed at
Latin American companies linked to the wood production chain.
In it, the professionals of the industrial timber and forestry sector find technology and productive solutions for the transformation, benefaction, preservation, energy, biomass,
wood use and forest management.


For more information or suggestions contact us:

+55 (41) 3049-7888
+55 (41) 9 9924-3993
www. lignumlatinamerica.com



06 – 08 November 2019


EXPOCORMA is held in Chile,
in the Bío Bío Region, Chile’s Forestry Capital
in the province of Concepción,
about 500 kilometers south of the capital Santiago,
in the Corma Fairground located on route 160 km 18
that connects Concepción and Colonel.

EXPOCORMA has established itself among the most visible events worldwide.
The latest versions have attracted more than 350 exhibitors from 34 countries,
where the exhibiting companies had the opportunity to present
to their clients and the specialized public the latest advances
and innovations in the sector.


Agustinas 1357, floor 3. Santiago
+56 2 23314213

20 – 22 Feb 2020

Every year manufacturers and dealers around
the world exhibit the latest technology at the largest inside
and outside equipment show west of the Mississippi.

Plan to attend the “power packed” educational opportunities including;
keynote speaker,
What’s New In Logging panel session,
business seminars
outside hands-on training seminars.

Earn as many as 11 professional logger credits in just two days
when attending the program and seminar sessions!

Thursday, February 20th to Saturday, February 22nd, 2020
Lane County Convention Center and Fairgrounds
Headquarters Hotel – Hotel Eugene (formerly Eugene Hilton)
Eugene, Oregon USA



20 – 22 Feb 2020


Be part of the unique experience of AUSTimber

the largest timber industry show in Australasia.

AUSTimber is where it all happens.
Our in-forest show demonstrates the latest developments
in harvesting, processing and hauling equipment in action and up close.

Field Trips to industry sites will be planned six months
prior to the show to guarantee a diversity of specialised experiences.


30 March – 04 April 2020


Connect with us
+ 61 429 202 929
West Footscray
VIC 3012 Australia

18-21 May 2021


Mattias Pontén
Fair Manager
+46 36 15 20 84

Elmia Wood is the world’s leading trade fair for the forestry and recur every four years.

The fair is completely built in the forest and you can see and test forest machines and tools in their natural environment.
Elmia Wood is an effective way to gain valuable knowledge, get an overview of the market and see new trends.

During 18-21 May 2021 its that time again.