July 2019

  We had an amazing response to the JUNE edition of MYLOGGERMAG. Our business section had an incredible number of visits and so did our forestry directory and we had an incredible amount of dealers inquire how to get signed up on the forestry directory. This will help you the logger find the machines, accessories and services that you need to keep your business growing.   This month we have Daniel Soerling on the front page. He is another brand builder who with his work ethic is establishing th LOGMAX and ECOLOG brand in Australia.   Have a look at the new Photo Gallery, Lisa Schneiders photos give reason for us to be proud to be loggers. For info or feedback please send us an email at: info@myloggermag.com regards   THE MYLOGGERMAG TEAM

Welcome to the BRANDBUILDER series from MYLOGGERMAG.

Brandbuilders as we have seen from our previous article make the difference between success or failure for any brand.
The mistake is often made that brands are build on loud advertising or individuals who have to have an extroverted personality.
Daniel Soerling from Scandanavian Forests will prove the opposite.
Through pure service and dedication to customers Daniel is an integral part of the success that Scandanavian Forestry in Australia has had in establishing brands such as Ecoforest and Logmax into Australia.

The next article we have is someone who had an idea that something could be done better. This “hobby” has turned into a global supply business.

If you have a dream or an idea that something can be done better, this article will inspire you to follow those dreams and make your ideas turn into reality.

You will also learn that Brands are made out of teams and an integral part of that is marketing:- getting your ideas in front of the eyes of the customer.

We trust that these to articles will bring someone to mind that you to think is a brand builder. Why not send us an email and tell us who this person is. You never know – he or she could be front page material.



Daniel was born in Sweden and has been living in Australia for five years now.

Daniels journey sounds similar to others who have immigrated to Australia or who have found work in Australia as a way to experience Australia.

Daniel came over here as a machine operator. He saw it as an adventure and really, what could go wrong? If he felt he needed to go back home the work would still be there.

Daniel worked for a couple of contractors and learned the Australian culture the bush way. It was a fun time for him and he soon found himself wanting to stay in the country.

An opportunity came up. Scandinavian Forestry in Tumut needed a travelling mechanic and Daniel took to the opportunity and applied for the position.

As with most of us who join the forestry industry there is always one person who becomes a person who you look up to for support or help. For Daniel this person was David Wakem.

David Wakem is one of the smartest guys in the forest industry in Australia and the reason many people are coming back to Scandinavian Forestry and Engineering.

“That’s the person I call first when I’m stuck on an issue in the bush. To have the opportunity to learn from him have really helped me in my job.” Said Daniel.

Daniel’s ability to learn new things are astounding as he grasps new concepts very quickly. He has a hunger to learn more and tackle what others may think is impossible.
This character trade has made Daniel a resource that many count on in the forestry industry today.

Daniel has come a long way and the fact that David now also calls Daniel to ask for advice on newer computer issues is a feather in the cap of Daniel’s learning capabilities.

Scandinavian Forestry has been a dealer for Log Max since the early 90’s and an Eco Log dealer from 2003. The challenge to be a travelling Technician obviously suited Daniel very well.

With accepting this challenge Daniel opened himself up to an opportunity to learn more and also learn a different part of the industry.

Daniel’s background as an operator has helped him in his new position because he understands what a machine is suppose to do and can test drive to feel the issue a customer is trying to describe.


‘I’m trying to juggle the work balance as it is easy to work too much. I count myself lucky to have a wonderful wife that reminds me when I’m too deep into work. We don’t have any kids yet so that’s why I allow myself to work as much as I do for now.’ says Daniel.


For Daniel it’s really fun to drive around the country side and meet so many different people in this industry. 

Daniel meets farmers who wants to cut their own block of trees to the big contractor with many crews to look after.


Daniel displaying his skills as an operator

‘The thing is that they are all important to look after and service and if they have bought your product they have to get help when needed.’ says Daniel.

There are times when I do not know the systems that I see as there are a lot of older system that I have never seen before. This is when you work with the customers as they know a lot about older Log Max systems.

This is where Daniel’s ability to work with the customer becomes such an important part of his success because he is able to work with the client and together they will find the issue and resolve it.

To be a product specialist is really hard and you are always met with new challenges. And that’s exactly what Daniel really likes about his job because he is always learn new things. Of course it is a great feeling to be able to give your client an answer to a problem straight away without having to look it up but without accepting these challenges you will never learn. When it does happen that I can give a client an answer straight away it gives me confirmation that I have enough knowledge to do my job properly. “The key to my job is not just knowledge but the will to be there for customers and help them when in need.” Says Daniel. Daniel were in Gippsland once installing a harvester head and got the call Friday night during an eight hour drive home that he was needed in a new place. He got on a plane to Brisbane on the Saturday morning because they needed a hand.

Daniel next to a Logmax head

Daniel showing the hydraulic sysrem of the Logmax

Daniel doing some predelivery cleaning

Daniel has shown through dedication, willingness to do what others don’t want to do and a pure dedication to customer support, that a brand can grow and become a dominant part of a harsh environment such as the Australian bush. We are sure that the success that Daniel is having with his career will not be short lived.

Daniel is an inspiration to many to not shy away from a challenge if it presents itself.

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A business is similar to a living organism. It needs to be fed motivation, money, time and effort in order to keep it growing. Once you have started a business it becomes more about managing your cash flow, machines, production and people than anything else.

One aspect of the business will always be people. There is no way you can get away from this fact and the sooner we learn how to manage this part of the business well, the better our businesses will run, not just now but also in the future. One thing that very few of us keep in mind when managing people though is the fact that the people working for you now may leave one day. Some we want to leave sooner than later and others we want to stay. What you need to keep in mind though is that every individual that you have in your current employment will have an impact on your business, not just while they are employed but also when they leave. It is with this mind-set that you need to manage people.

As a business owner stress is a natural by-product. The business can be good, but there is always something that needs to be managed in some way or another.You have cash flow to manage, machines needing repair, staff not turning up for work and then to have to deal with an employee who may not seem to be a part of the team… that is the last thing anyone wants to deal with.

How you handle this employee or any other employee for that matter is extremely important though. 

How many times have you heard a new employee tell you things about a previous employer that does not paint a pretty picture? This does not just happen when you hire employees but this also happens when others hire employees who worked for you but left. 

These individuals will not just tell their new employers about how you manage, how you run your business or how you do things, they also tell the new team mates about how you are as a manager.And this point is key though because employees from other crews will also leave their employment and seek new employment.
Where do you think they will go? To an employer who they heard is unfair, unjust and flies of the handle for no apparent reason? Or to the one who have always kept a calm persona and made every discussion about the task and not the person?

What about that one person that you want to attract to your team? He will also hear about your management style, regardless of what is being said about you is true, exaggerated or invented by a disgruntled ex employee.

If you are able to remove emotions that is negative or signs of frustration from any conversation that you have with an employee and make it purely about the task at hand then you prevent the whole discussion becoming a personal one from both ends. 

The employee will understand that he is not achieving the goals you have set for this particular position and it has nothing to do with him or her as a person as such.

When you raise your voice during any discussion or show frustration with an employee, the employee will assume the conversation to be a personal attack instead of realizing that he or she is just not up to the task at hand.

When this person leaves eventually, and most of them eventually do, they leave feeling that you are a fair person and will feel thankful that you gave them an opportunity, but unfortunately they just did not have the skill set needed for the task.

Managing people this way, will have a positive effect on your business, not just now, but also in the future.

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Randalls providing great products and the best service to Tasmania

Ponsse Elephant King forwarder-Orana Enterprises, Tasmania

As most would be aware, Tasmania’s forestry industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Demand for wood products is strong and there are abundant amounts of timber to be cut. It’s the perfect scenario for the Tasmanian forestry industry and it looks set to continue.

Randalls, with their high quality and unique mix of forestry products and services, combined with their personal and urgent approach to customers and their needs, have made an impression in Tasmania.
Particularly those customers who have a desire to be looked after and be more than just a number to those who they purchase machines and services from.

“We’ve filled a void in the market in Tasmania”, said Davin Frankel of Randalls Equipment Co.

“When I returned to Randalls in 2016 as the Sales and Service Manager it was instantly clear through conversations with customers in Tasmania that their needs were not always being satisfied and there was a tremendous opportunity for us to provide great quality products and higher levels of service without really trying that hard. In saying that, we do try very hard and the results are there to be seen”.

Over the last 2 years Randalls have delivered 16 new machines to 6 different customers in Tasmania, working in both pine and hardwood plantations.>

These machines are being supported by Randalls’ Tasmanian service representative, Anthony Williams.
Anthony has many years experience in the Tasmanian forestry industry and has a wealth of knowledge about
forestry machines and attachments. Anthony’s commitment to providing the very best after sales support is unmatched.
Parts for Ponsse, Sany and SP products are stocked at Randalls’ Tasmanian branch in Legana, just near Launceston.

Ponsse harvesters and forwarders have proven highly suitable for the steep and often wet conditions down in

The levels of comfort, machine stability and power have proven to be winning features in the eyes of operators who have found themselves fortunate enough to occupy the seat of a new Elephant King forwarder or Scorpion King harvester.

Ponsse Elephant King forwarder-Orana Enterprises, Tasmania

Ponsse Elephant King forwarder-Orana Enterprises, Tasmania

The highly motivated and skilled staff from Randalls ready to serve

Sany forestry excavators continue to impress whether set up as a harvester or log loader.
The product is extremely well built however lacks much of the electrical and emissions technology taken up by most of the competitor machines sold in Tasmania. This is beneficial for those customers who appreciate being able to undertake their own maintenance and repairs with ease. They just work.

SP harvesting heads for debarking hardwood are fast and robust alternatives to other brands. 

One very attractive aspect of the SP heads is that they can be set up on a Sany carrier by Randalls at a very competitive price point and delivered as a complete package from a single supplier with full support and warranty or they can be fitted to any other brand of carrier.

“Randalls are proud to be providing a very real and personalised alternative to forestry contractors in Tasmania when they need to purchase new equipment and we take their trust in us very seriously”, said Davin Frankel.


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SY245F Loader- Casegrande, Tasmania

SY245F Loader- Casegrande, Tasmania


Ever turned up at worked feeling ready for the day, only to have your motivation crushed by an angry boss lashing out for something you did the previous day?

Welcome to the world of adults.We would all love to be in a position where we are one hundred percent sure that you will not have any issues, troubles or verbal lashings from a manager or crew owner. That is the perfect world.

This perfect world though is our responsibility to create. Yes, we said it – create.
If we are saying that it is something that we create we are at the same time saying that this world can actually exist. Our working environment can be an environment where everyone gets along, production just flows, and we talk about issues instead of lashing out at each other.
So how do we do this? How do you get to the place where you are certain that you will not enjoy another brow beating or verbal lashing from an angry manager?

First step, stop blaming the manager. Accept responsibility for the things that you are responsible for. When a manager verbally expresses his annoyance with you there is some expectation that you are not meeting. You did not hit production, the trees you are cutting is not cut to expectation, you are not processing logs to the quality expected from you etc, etc, etc. 


There are a million scenarios of things that could go wrong but they all come down to one thing – an expectation of what can be done has not been met

Before any job commences you will know from your own experience what you can achieve. If you have been cutting wood for years you will know what you can cut on any given day.

When you process wood with a processor you will know what can be expected as well. You know what is possible and so should your manager.

If he doesn’t it means you haven’t discussed what can be expected with him from the get go.
When he gives you an order of what needs to be achieved but you think his estimation is wrong and you do not discuss this with him at that moment then don’t blame the manager if he gets angry at you for not meeting his expectations. Your silence tells him you are confident you can meet his expectations.

If you want to start creating a better working environment for yourself, then make sure the goals or expectations are set to the standards that you can achieve.

If you have to stretch a little to get to the expectation it is okay but it should never be outside of what you know you can do. If you have accepted a goal, target or the expectation has been set and you realize at the end of the day that the working environment, terrain etc makes it difficult for you to meet the expectation then communicate this with your manager.


If however you are not meeting the expectations because you are tired when you get to work, you were lazy or just didn’t put in an effort on a given day and the boss does give you a bit of a verbal expression of his annoyance, accept responsibility for your lack of effort, accept your discipline session and get your head back in the game.

Don’t walk around with resentment towards the manager or start carrying a grudge against him for something you are ultimately responsible for.

Pick up your act, strap on those forestry boots and do what loggers do – ACCEPT responsibility and crush the day.



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introducing the
GN Series
forestry grapple

the latest in the

Powerhand range

Powerhand is a specialist attachments manufacturer based in south west Scotland and a division of 96-year-old family owned forestry company, Clark Engineering.
Powerhand has been designing and manufacturing attachments for the forestry, rail, recycling, and port handling industries for over twenty-five years and over that period has established itself as a leading supplier to these industries.
At the heart of the Powerhand philosophy is a belief that in order to produce the highest quality products, the whole manufacturing process must be controlled. It is therefore no surprise that Powerhand’s motto is ‘From concept to creation’, given that all design, fabrication, manufacturing, and testing of its own hydraulic cylinders is completed in house.

All products are created using only the highest quality Swedish alloy steels.

The new GN Series is no different. It incorporates all of Powerhand’s vast industry knowledge and the end is a grapple that boasts great versatility and durability.

Powerhand has produced selector grabs for pinching rail on the railway and log bundling grapples for handling timber in sawmills and ports for more than twenty-five years.

The GN Series encompasses both of these tasks and so, is a grapple that is well-suited to the demands of the modern forestry environment.

  The GN Series has been designed around the existing geometry of The GN Series has been designed around the existing geometry of Powerhand’s existing log bundling grapples, which make timber handling a simple task.
Unlike most by-passing leg log grappleswith a ‘big leg’ and ‘small leg’ that pass through each other,making pinching a single log difficult, the three-leg design of the GN Series enables easy picking of single items, whether it be logs, rocks, or rail.
The other notable benefit of the GN Series is the ability to both swing mount the grapple for material re-handling purposes or to rigid mount it for increased dexterity when picking and placing material. 

To withstand the demands of a rigid mounted application, the GN Series features boxed in laminate leg designs that add the necessary strength to make light work of the side loads a rigid mounted grapple experience. To withstand the demands of a rigid mounted application, the GN Series features boxed in laminate leg designs that add the necessary strength to make light work of the side loads a rigid mounted grapple experience. As with all Powerhand attachments, a world leading Indexator vane motor rotator is fitted as standard. In order to withstand the rigours the GN Series is subjected to, the rotator of choice is Indexator’s new high torque, high load capacity XR Series.
The new GN Series is available to see on the Powerhand section of the Clark Engineering stand at the upcoming Scottish Forestry Expo, alongside Powerhand’s range of heavy-duty high capacity GH Series log grapples.

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When last did you have five minutes completely on your own?

When we say completely on your own, we mean completely on your own, no checking the phone, not having someone sitting next to you being silent or being alone watching TV.

When you play music for instance the music you play form connections in your head with what you are doing at that moment. It files it in your memory banks and whenever you play these songs again it will bring back emotions and memories reminding you what you did or what happened the previous time you listened to the song. Most of us listen to music when we go out for a run these days. 

You may think this is alone time and to some degree it is but when you listen to music while you run you are still connected to emotional ties that you have linked to the songs you play. You are still connected and you are still forcing your mind to be ready to respond in a certain way.

So if that is not alone time what do we mean with the term alone time or time to disconnect.
Disconnect time is exactly that. Time where there is no connection or opportunity to connect.

It is where you give your mind time to be disconnected from the pressure and demands that is being put onto it all the time. This is time where you do not carry a phone with you, nothing.

Taking a walk without a phone, electronic device or another person and being able to hear the sounds around you that is random, or being able to smell what is around you at random will give you a sense of being on your own.

What happens during this time is even more important. Your mind is now able to process and properly file all the
information, all the new links that it made during the week into a proper format. You are able to think more clearly about certain conversations and things that happened to you during the week. This enables you to put things into perspective and maybe even see someone else’s perspective on things.

Thirty minutes minimum a week will make you feel refreshed and it is almost as if you reordered the closet and you can find things easily again. 

A person who takes time out to disconnect and be on their own from time to time is more grounded and secure in who he or she is. Plan some time on a weekend to take a walk or a run for thirty minutes to be completely on your own. A walk give better results than a run as your mind does not have to “think on its feet” at rapidly changing environments. If you feel overly stressed and claustrophobic from all the people and things that demand time and effort from you all the time, take our advice, make the time to disconnect from the world.

Our suggestion is to be on your own for 30 minutes at a minimum at least once a week. Do yourself that favor, disconnect to be more connected.

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A very proud Tenho in front of one of his creations

TMK Tree Shear is a family owned company who also owns a little bit of forest in Central Finland. TMK Tree Shear is a family owned company who also owns a little bit of forest in Central Finland. Tenho Koponen, the owner of the company ran an earth moving company back in 2009. During the summer seasons it was really busy and there were plenty of earth moving work to be done.During the wintertime more spare time was available to take care of the forests. The forest was at first maintained with chain saws. As many of us know the winters in Finland are well known for their heavy snowfalls which make maintaining a forest with a chainsaw almost impossible. Tenho was looking for a tree shear for his excavator to help maintain the forests and make the job easier. After spending a lot of time investigating his options he still couldn’t find one that was perfect for what he wanted to do.

He bought one regardless to be able to get to work and lighten the load. 

It proved that the decision to purchase something on the spur of the moment was not the best one as the machine kept breaking down. In addition, the shear was very clumsy to operate in a tight forestry environment where the trees are growing very close to each other. The shear kept on hitting trees that were supposed to be left to grow.

Soon Tenho got frustrated and figured there must be a better way to design a shear head that will make his job easier.  He wanted to create a shear that was simple to use, agile inside the forest, and the most important thing, robust. As loggers we all know that you cannot afford equipment to break down all the time. As a result, after a few trials and errors, the first TMK Tree Shear was born.

The TMK Tree sheer can be used on a variety of machines, big and small making this a versatile product.

It was the first shear with a capsular structure and with just one moving grapple arm. The shear’s right side was straight and all the movement was on the left side which made it easy to be seen from the excavator’s cabin. This feature made it easy for the operator to work and avoid damaging selected trees that were supposed to be left undamaged for optimum growth.
As an inventor, Tenho was proud of his little invention and he made some simple Youtube videos of the TMK Tree Shear. Soon other people started to contact him to purchase the TMK Tree Shear and so the sales of the shears started. The first TMK shears started to sell in the winter of 2010.
Tenho spent the next couple of years running the earth moving company and selling shears as a side business.

In 2014 Nick Dinsdale from England saw one of the Youtube videos and he instantly recognized an opportunity as he knew that this product will do well in the UK.

 Nick with the TMK 300

Tenho didn’t speak any English at that time so the email exchange was done with the help of his wife and her colleague. After a few e-mails Tenho, his wife and his wife’s colleague, acting as the translator, went to pick Nick up from the airport who wanted to have a closer look at the TMK Tree Shear.

At this point Tenho asked his son, Tony Koponen to come and help with Nick. Tony is a 26 year old man living in Seinäjoki, Western Finland. He has a beautiful wife and a 4 year old little princess who has her dad wrapped around her pinky finger.
Tony wanted to be a doctor, so he was studying for the qualification exams and was working the summer at his uncle’s service station, Jari-Pekka in Hankasalmi, when he got the call from Tenho to come and help him with Nick.

Tony and his father have a good relationship and Tony was interested to see what his father was up to. Little did he know this event will change the course of his life.

Tony spent a couple of days with his father and Nick going around the shear and they got to know each other a little better.

After the very fruitful visit, Nick flew back home to England and ordered one shear for himself to test in the UK.

At that time Tony knew nothing about excavators, other than the few hours of digging with his dads machines. Now he found himself being the translator in the email flow from Nick to Tenho and back, describing how hydraulics work etc. Nick was an incredible person to work with and that’s how Tony got sucked into the tree shear business.

The Koponen’s started making the Youtube videos in English and also began focusing more on Facebook.

In the fall of 2014 they attended FINNMetko expo in Finland and it proved to be very successful for them!

Tony Koponen, Marketing and Export for TMK Tree Shears

Tony got more interested in the industry and started following different machinery groups on Facebook.
By January 2015 with the help of Nick, TMK solved some of the issues they had in England. TMK lowered the pressures in the excavators. A bigger cylinder was added to the product range to assist in being able to lower the pressures in the excavators.

The Koponens then went to the Lamma show in Peterborough with Nick and that really launched their export side as Nick kept selling the shears at a high pace that within a 6 month time frame Tony had gone from a wannabe doctor to the person responsible for the export of TMK Tree Shears!

Along the way more dealers signed onto the TMK family and the different markets brought in new kinds of needs. Tenho was already creating new optional attachments to the shear – such as a collector (also known as an accumulator) and a delimber.

Tenho is more a hands-on designer and the decision was made to involve Tenho’s brother Mika’s expertise into the business.

Mika’s was crucial for the product development. Mika had been working for Valmet as a paper machine designer for 20 years before being lured to TMK as a full time employee.
Getting Mika 100% on board really kicked the R&D to a different level. Mika and Tenho came up with the TMK Turbo cylinder and that has left its mark on the industry already.
A hydraulic extension beam and many other features have been created and improved with Mika’s help.
All of TMK’s optional attachments are also easily retrofitted, enabling the product itself to grow along the needs of the operator.

We are coming to the end of Summer 2019 and they find themselves building a brand new Headquarters with a production capacity of 1500 shears annually, efficient R&D facilities and a proper training center for their highly valued dealers and end customers.

TMK has grown from one man’s hobby into an international company with 20 direct employees and a very large TMK family of dealers around the world.

Their slogan Grow With Your Work has been so true in many aspects of the journey of TMK. The staff of TMK has also grown in their roles. The slogan is ingrained into the fiber of this company and we are sure to see this principle continuing in the culture of TMK.

The journey, from maintaining a small forest during winter, being frustrated with limited product s available at that time to having a vision and making that vision a reality, the journey has been an incredible one so far.

From a frustrated owner of a little forest to 1500 shears per year, you would agree the this truly is an example of what can be done if you believe in what you do.

We are looking forward to seeing more great designs from TMK.

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The incredible holding power of the TMK Tree Shear being displayed

The TMK Tree shear being displayed on a smaller sized excavator to dislay its versatility


When you experience a hard time with something, realise it is not just you but others experience the same.

When you experience a hard time with something, realise it is not just you but others experience the same.

When you experience a problem, see it is an opportunity to design or manufacture something new, instead of being transfixed on the problem only.

Never stop believing of what can happen.
Surround yourself with others that has skills you do not have.

Partner with a marketing team that can help you get the word out what you do. People don’t buy bread from you if they don’t know you sell bread.
You don’t always have to change your whole life o live the life you want, your success may be right at your fingertips.

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Seeing successful people every day, living a life above standard and you always wonder why and how you don’t?

The reason is that good enough is just not good enough for these individuals. The reason is that good enough is just not good enough for these individuals. 
Wondering why we are writing about success in the fitness section? The reason is that the way you approach your health says a lot about mentality towards life which determines your chances of achieving success.
When we talk about fitness to loggers most of them will answer that they are walking up and down hills all day long or they are extremely busy and do most steps than most people do in a normal day anyway so they do not need to exercise more when they get home.
The fact that loggers do more physical work than most is true and we are all with you on this page.

Life though is not about comparing how much you do to how much others do and then determining where you are in life. This counts for your fitness levels as well and more so it also applies to the success you want to achieve in life.
When you look at the training you have done during military service chances are that you did far more exercise than what you would ever have needed on a given day to survive a day in battle. But it prepared you mentally and physically that whatever life will throw at you, you will be prepared.
When you look at your life, your finances, your relationship with you wife, the way you take care of your of your house, garden, vehicle and the cab of your machine or how you take care of your chainsaw… you will notice you also just do what is good enough but never that little bit extra to make it better.

Do you have days in the forest where you are challenged just a bit more than the usual and you feel like you are Do you have days in the forest where you are challenged just a bit more than the usual and you feel like you are going to fall over and vomit? 
Wouldn’t going home and having a 5km run, doing some push ups and some core exercises have helped. 
Wouldn’t the mind-set of I  do a little bit more than just enough, also help you when life throws more than the usual at you?
Wouldn’t this set the stage for you to get closer to the success you want?
Start that success journey, training your mind that you do more than just what is good enough. Start developing this mind-set by starting to take care of your health. 

it starts with
a simple run,
it sets the stage for your success.

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We look into how
Cannon Bar Works Ltd.
manufacture these high quality bars and why you achieve up to three times the life compared to a lower cost bar

Skyler Meyers of Triple H Rigging in Zeballos, British Columbia

Since 1955, CannonBar Works has provided saw chain guide bars to the worldwide forest industry where only the highest quality bar stands a chance of longevity.

Cannon started with one bar – the SuperBar –a chainsaw bar truly made for professionals.
Ranging in lengths of 12” up to 84” this chainsaw bar tends to outlast any competing bars by up to three times and results in less downtime and better production.

Cannon also manufactures package cutting bars for sawmills, chainsaw bars designed for narrow-kerf chain, wood carving, pruning, fire rescue, and double-ended bars for chainsaw milling.
In addition to all of these, CannonBar Works also makes a full line of .404 and ¾ pitch harvester bars to fit all makes and models of harvester and processor heads.

Every single Cannon bar is individually made by their skilled craftsmen and put through rigorous quality assurance checks prior to packaging. There are no exceptions to their quality standards. In fact, if a bar is not up to standards, it is scrapped.

The old age “You get what you pay for” certainly pertains to Cannon bars. For good reason, their bars sell for approximately 15% to 30% more than some of the mass-produced bars on the market. Positive feedback from professional loggers using Cannon bars say that they will often get over three times the life out of one compared to a less expensive mass-produced bars.
Cannon Bar Works’ objective has always been to provide their customers with the highest quality chainsaw bars at the fairest possible price.

Cannon Bar Works Ltd. is located in Langley, BC, where all Cannon Bars are made from high grade, custom formulated, cold rolled and annealed steel that has extra chromium for wear resistance and extra molybdenum for strength. From the raw steel, each bar is precisely water jet cut, so that there are no Heat Affected Zones.

Once the steel is cut, it is heat treated, oil quenched and press tempered to achieve just the right hardness for strength, durability, toughness and flexibility.

Next, bars are straightened, surface ground, and CNC milled, leaving little margin for error.
After this, the bar is put into the hands of Cannon’s Master Barmen, who give it Cannon’s claim to fame, the precision honed groove. Every bar has a true and centred groove that is accurate to within .003” of the desired gauge.

Next, using a proprietary flame hardening process, the bar rails are hardened to 5 points more than the tie straps on most models and brands of chain. This special hardening process penetrates much deeper than electric induction hardening and results in much longer bar rail life. 

The bars are then put through a stress relieving system in order to expel tension that builds up in the bars through all of the different processes. This step realigns the molecular structure to ensure that the bars will not be stressed and prone to premature cracking.
Finally, the bars are ready for the finishing touches. Cannon applies the attractive brushed gun metal finish to the bars, then engraves them with identifying numbers and silk screens them with the bright orange Cannon logo.
They are then ready to be tipped, put through final quality assurance tests, packaged and shipped to the customer.

Right now, Cannon is working on releasing a lightweight bar – the SuperBar DuraLite – which combines the professional quality of the SuperBar and the weight reduction that the industry has been demanding.
This bar is made to the exact same quality and durability standards as the Cannon SuperBar and every other bar that goes out of Cannon’s shop.
Prototypes of these bars have been put to test by many hand fallers in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California over the past year and all reviews have come back extremely positive. Cannon is expecting to have this bar out on the market in the Fall of 2019.
On the following pages are examples of the saw bar in use.

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Cannon Lightweight Prototype – Mountain Forestry Equipment and Big Bark Falling

Cannon Lightweight Prototype – Mountain Forestry Equipment and Big Bark Falling 

Photo Gallery

Lisa Schneider

Lisa Schneider has been taking photos for a while and it really captures the magic of what we do as loggers

Follow Lisa Schneider
on Instagram:
Instagram handle: lisaschneider_hse

Lisa Schneider

Lisa Schneider has been taking photos for a while and it really captures the magic of what we do as loggers

We hope that with this short introduction you will start following and sharing Lisa’s photos through Instagram.

I started my career in health and safety approximately 8 years ago with a vac truck company – Avenge Energy
Services Ltd. in the oil and gas sector.

In 2015, I opened my own company and started sub-contracting as a Field Safety Operations Supervisor with Strategic HSE Systems Inc. which is owned and operated by a close friend – Samuel Elkins.
We work with a number of companies throughout the Peace region offering many services including safety
management system development, implementation, and management services.
Essentially, we manage the health and safety programs for companies, rather than them having to employ a full-time employee.

Much of my work is field related (which of course I prefer), monitoring active industrial operations and ensuring OHS legislated responsibilities are met, company and client specific policies and procedures are followed, and National Safety Code obligations are achieved. 

I also conduct new employee and contractor orientations, conduct heavy equipment and truck  audits, facilitate safety meetings, and install signage on haul roads and in cut-blocks.

The majority of my time is spent with a local contractor – Peace River Logging Limited Partnership (PRL) and coincidently enough was my first exposure to the forest sector and I immediately became fascinated with the life-like Tonka Toys.

PRL is a large logging and portable chipping contractor that has contracts with Mercer Peace River Pulp, Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd., and West Fraser Mills providing chips to the pulp mill and tree length logs to the sawmills.

The logging season starts (weather
dependant) in July with the feller-bunchers heading to the forest to start cutting the timber.

Once the boundary and block roads are opened up, the roadbuilding crew arrives and pushes in the access which is soon followed by the skidders and portable chippers.
All deciduous timber (hardwood) is chipped and transported to the pulp mill in super b-trains, and all conifer (softwood) is tree length hauled to the local sawmills.
Last season, PRL also started hauling tree length deciduous into a satellite yard to facilitate year-round operations that would not be impacted by break-up.
All trucking (chips and logs) are hauled by Excel Transportation
Alberta Inc. a sub-contractor to PRL that we also manage the health and safety activities, making for a very efficient partnership.

A couple years ago, my passion for photography of active industrial operations started to grow, and a side project was provided to me by the General Manager of PRL to capture some photographs for a calendar he wanted to produce for clients, contractors and staff.

Taking photos for me is calming, and I enter my own little world- my happy space so to speak when I am watching equipment operating, anticipating that perfect shot.

When I’m not working with PRL and Excel operations, I fill the remainder of the days with other companies throughout the region including Northpoint Enterprise and Stat Energy Services Inc. in Manning, Tri-Logging Ltd. in Whitecourt, Bjornson Enterprises Ltd. in Grande Prairie, as well as a number of smaller trucking companies around Peace River.

Every company we provide services to, has something new and exciting to offer. I have learned so much over the past few years, met a lot of incredible people and my days just seem to run all together. This is why I love my job.



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22 – 23 AUG 2019

Forestry Expo Scotland is a unique event combining a live harvesting demonstration and a trade expo.
Held over two days in August 2019 the event will provide the opportunity to not only see the latest and best forestry machines and equipment at work but also to discuss ideas with leading industry experts.



Little Clyde, Elvanfoot, South Lanarkshire, ML12 6GS

For more information or suggestions contact us:

0131 333 0969
email info@forestryexpo.co.uk



11 – 13 SEPT 2019


The 3rd Lignum Latin America is a trade show aimed at
Latin American companies linked to the wood production chain.
In it, the professionals of the industrial timber and forestry sector find technology and productive solutions for the transformation, benefaction, preservation, energy, biomass,
wood use and forest management.


For more information or suggestions contact us:

+55 (41) 3049-7888
+55 (41) 9 9924-3993
www. lignumlatinamerica.com



06 – 08 November 2019


EXPOCORMA is held in Chile,
in the Bío Bío Region, Chile’s Forestry Capital
in the province of Concepción,
about 500 kilometers south of the capital Santiago,
in the Corma Fairground located on route 160 km 18
that connects Concepción and Colonel.

EXPOCORMA has established itself among the most visible events worldwide.
The latest versions have attracted more than 350 exhibitors from 34 countries,
where the exhibiting companies had the opportunity to present
to their clients and the specialized public the latest advances
and innovations in the sector.


Agustinas 1357, floor 3. Santiago
+56 2 23314213

20 – 22 Feb 2020

Every year manufacturers and dealers around
the world exhibit the latest technology at the largest inside
and outside equipment show west of the Mississippi.

Plan to attend the “power packed” educational opportunities including;
keynote speaker,
What’s New In Logging panel session,
business seminars
outside hands-on training seminars.

Earn as many as 11 professional logger credits in just two days
when attending the program and seminar sessions!

Thursday, February 20th to Saturday, February 22nd, 2020
Lane County Convention Center and Fairgrounds
Headquarters Hotel – Hotel Eugene (formerly Eugene Hilton)
Eugene, Oregon USA



20 – 22 Feb 2020


Be part of the unique experience of AUSTimber

the largest timber industry show in Australasia.

AUSTimber is where it all happens.
Our in-forest show demonstrates the latest developments
in harvesting, processing and hauling equipment in action and up close.

Field Trips to industry sites will be planned six months
prior to the show to guarantee a diversity of specialised experiences.


30 March – 04 April 2020


Connect with us
+ 61 429 202 929
West Footscray
VIC 3012 Australia

18-21 May 2021


Mattias Pontén
Fair Manager
+46 36 15 20 84

Elmia Wood is the world’s leading trade fair for the forestry and recur every four years.

The fair is completely built in the forest and you can see and test forest machines and tools in their natural environment.
Elmia Wood is an effective way to gain valuable knowledge, get an overview of the market and see new trends.

During 18-21 May 2021 its that time again.