grow your dominance in forestry

forestry is going through adjustments.
be the one who adjusts the best and secure your career.

This training session is easy to follow. It is an incredibly powerful training session and it will teach you what you need to do to become the most sought after in your industry.


Once you have done this exercise you will know what makes a person a Brand Builder, separated from just being sales person.

Separating yourself from the pack is what will secure your career as a sales person in forestry sales. In this session you will learn essential tools that will make you the irreplaceable link between your customer and whatever product you decide to represent.

What you will need

You will need a small notepad and pen. The training is in video format and presented online. We therefor suggest a good wifi connection before commencing the video.

Make notes as you progress with the training session. Pause the video when needed and resume when you have done the small writing tasks. Do not continue and think you will come back later to that section. You will have better results if you complete the course as it plays. 

If you have any questions send your e-mail to

We normally respond within 24 hours. Due to the high subscriber rate we are experiencing with this free course, please allow us to digest your question and get back to you in a timely manner. Your questions are important to us and we do want to assist and give you answers that will be of value and useful to you.

Video training session
dominate your market

next steps

I am sure that this training session has set you on a direction to dominate your market. 

  • If you make the decision to follow what you have learned in this video, you will;
  • Not have to compete with pricing and discount methods again.
  • Secure your customer base and keep the competition from being able to sell to your customers.

It is my hope that you realized today that your career in forestry sales can be a rewarding one, but only if you take ownership of you career and develop it into what it can be. Don’t settle to be a sales person, be a brand on your own and develop your footprint. Go further than anyone else and learn what you need to incorporate into your career to outgrow, outsmart and outdo everyone else that think they are on the same playing field as you.

Please accept this invitation to participate in the full training coming up. Our next course starts on 16th March 2020. There is not a lot of time left and we only accept a specific amount of attendees so that we can respond to their questions and requests as quickly as we can.

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