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be the obvious choice

enjoy job security as you become known as a connector & brand builder

learn everything you need to know to become a brand builder using the only forestry specific sales training course ever released

what you will learn

How to secure your future as a forestry sales professional  (Module 1)

Becoming that good that your competitors want to hire you is the aim. Becoming that good that your employers never wants to see you leave is the game. 

Note to sale staff: If you fit the above – you have the best job security you can ever find.

Note to employers: If you could hire someone who fits the above, you benefit because this person takes his career serious enough to become the best in the business. Sales staff like this is hard to find because with them comes a customer base that will follow them wherever they go. Develop your own employees to be like this, look after them, because they to build a customer base that will always buy your products as long as you have sales staff like this working for you.)

Be unstoppable – creating a client base that no competitor can steal  (Module 2)

This module is regularly referred to as the ground breaker. It is the one module that everyone says – ” I wish I thought about it like that from the beginning”. This takes the sales out of the process and turns you and the business you work for into an order processing business instead.

Leaving no gaps – being the go to person for every possible customer. (Module 3)

Be known as someone who can absolutely do everything without having to do everything. This module teaches you the smart way to do business and it makes you the go to for any customer. This module secures your customers and no competitor will be able to sell to your customer base when you apply these methods into your work ethic.

Note to employers: With this module your sales staff becomes a valuable asset to build a business that leaves no stone un-turned to help a customer. This will help you to build a business that is robust from having to compete on pricing and discount tactics from competitors.

Communication – with colleagues and customers.(Module 4)

Communication is key in any industry, more importantly is how you see communication with your customers and colleagues. This module is one of the most powerfull communication teachings available today. It teaches you how to interact with fellow employees and customers in a way that builds a strong network resulting in teamwork to see customers follow you and your business.

Your Fit – Understand your role between the customer and the company. (Module 5)

If you understand the function of the role you play, your customers will defend your business with them against competitors and your company in turn will value your relationship with them. As a salesperson this is a powerful module to work through. As a thought leader and a driver of the success of a company you need to understand how and where you fit in the whole network of representing the customer with your company and your company with your customer.

Punch the Pressure Points (Module 6)

This is the same method I used to sell five big item products to customers a competitor invited for a demo. If you learn to use this method, you will naturally be the first choice whenever a customer wants to buy what you sell, even if a competitor sells the same products. This module helps you understand what you need to focus on to strengthen your “brand” with your customers. It helps you to support your marketing efforts driven to increase the strength of the brands you represent and also the brand being build by the company you work for,

NOTE: the list above is a short description of what is being taught in this course. Each module (6 Modules total) is divided in further sessions. This course is the only course ever developed specifically for sales in the forestry industry

important note

None of the principles or techniques taught in the Brand-builders forestry sales course are “tricks of the trade” or “sales methods”.

Everything taught is solid business principles that will help you become the most obvious choice by both your customer and your employer. 

Benefit 1.

Become a sought after forestry sales person – set aside from standard sales employees who find it difficult to find new customers, retain customers and who’s sales are dependent solely on the weaknesses of the opposition.

Benefit 2.

Stop having to constantly chase for the next sale and instead become a person who maintains customer relationships.

Benefit 3

Stop having to constantly defend your territory and customer base from prying hands from sales staff of competitors and help your company become immune to discounted offers from competitors towards your clients.

Benefit 4

Create job security for yourself as you will become known as a brand builder who is an integral connector between your company, the customer and the industry.


Every sales person who completes the course will be able to list  their contact details under three brands in the product directory where your customers can easily find you for one full year from the date of completion of the course.

If a dealers of forestry equipment sponsors 5 employees for the course, the company will be listed as well as each of the sales person under 5 brands of their choice for one full year from the date of completion of the course.

the course

The course is an online course and as mentioned is divided in 6 different modules.

Each module is subdivided into sessions. All the training material is available online and can be downloaded as you progress through the course. Being an online course it leaves you to continue with your daily activities for the business you work for. This also gives the perfect platform to integrate what you learn into your daily activities and grow upon what has been taught.

Each of the teaching modules and sessions are in video format, no reading required. Finish each module or session as you find time in your busy schedule and come back to the next module or session when you have time.




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