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Your future as a logger or crew owner is changing fast. This “new” area of growth in forestry could mean a rebirth of your forestry career/business, or it could mean that if you do not make this new growth a part of your business, you will be left behind and battle to catch up again in the future.

The new growth we are talking about is the mechanization of steep hill forestry.

Conquering steep hill forestry can mean a very lucrative opportunity as a crew owner and/or a steep hill forestry worker.

If you do this right, you will prefer steep hill forestry to flat terrain forestry operations.

Steep hill forestry is not new to us. It is loaded with career opportunities, as only a few can withstand the harsh environment of forestry work. Add working on a hillside, and you have secured yourself a job for life as fewer are interested in working on steep hills that add extra effort and other considerations into the mix.

The risk of working on steep Hill Forestry sites is amplified by sliding hills, gravity causing fallen trees to move after being cut, walking heavy equipment on inclines and slopes, etc.

For a crew owner, the stress of having to deal with searching for staff who are willing to work in these conditions is tough. Not only that, knowing the additional risks involved to staff who work on steep hills adds another layer of stress to the crew owner as he is essentially responsible if anything should happen.

And so, to

  • reduce risk and to
  • increase productivity

Crew owners who want to stay competitive and who want to stay in this business need solutions that will give them that peace of mind, not just in terms of safety towards the crew but also being able to stay productive when working on Hillsides.

And so… Winch assist machines enter the arena to mechanize steep hill forestry.

A word of warning though. Thinking that any winch machine will solve your problems can be a naïve move because not all machines are made equal.

Choosing the wrong machine could:

  • Put the safety of the machine operator at risk.
  • Place you in financial strife because an investment in a wrong choice of a Winch assist machine could be hard to recover.
  • Choosing the wrong Winch-assist machine could cause a bottleneck in your operation, slowing your whole operation to a halt.

So, choosing the best machine becomes pivotal to your future success, but making this choice is complicated.

Just because some companies are the best sellers of winch-assist machines does not necessarily mean they are the best choice. It could be that their marketing is so good that you think they are the best.

The number of sales or machines in operation does not mean they are the best. It could be that they have been the most aggressive in pricing and sales tactics, and it is only because of this that they have sold more than others.

It could also be that they are the number one seller just because they were the first on the scene, and for this reason, they have more machines in the market than any other.

They may also have the biggest dealer network. These dealers could also be locked into exclusive dealer agreements, leaving them no choice but to sell this winch-assist package only. Therefore, Winch-assist machines with better designs, capabilities, and features, are never presented to you as a possible solution.

MYLOGGERMAG is doing a series where we will do a deep dive into Winch Assist machines in forestry. With this information, you will know what machines suit you best, what each can do, their limitations, and what machine will fit your crew and application the best.

Some manufacturers are so confident in their winch assist equipment that they have agreed to give MYLOGGERMAG full access to their machines. We will do a full product review of their equipment and give you all the information you need to ensure you have all the information you need to make informative decisions.

For machines where manufacturers are not yet open to give us full access, we will write a general article explaining some of the features of the machines.

We believe that this deep dive into Winch-Assist machines in forestry will give you more information that will help you decide on the best machine for your application.



Make informative decisions when purchasing winch assist machines. 

Below you will find the best brands who manufacture Winch Assist machine with a full description of the capabilities, requirements and specifications of the best Winch Assist Machines currently on the market.



The Falcon Winch Assist is most probably one of the best known in Steep Hill forestry Applications.

We are looking forward to publish the full product review soon on this incredibly powerful system.

Full review of this products coming soon.


Timbermax is an easy fit solution for steep hill – Winch Assist applications.

Many loggers have chosen this system because of its simplicity and power. Even though it comes in a small package, the power equals that of bigger systems.

Full review of this products coming soon.


T-WINCH, a stand alone winch assist system is well sought after.

Because of its compact size and ease of setup this is an incredible solution for steep hill forestry applications where winch assist is needed.

Full review of this products coming soon.



Steep Hill forestry is one of the most challenging areas in forestry today, but also the most lucrative.

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