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Steep Hill forestry is one of the most challenging areas in forestry today, but also the most lucrative for both those willing to harvest on steep hills and for those daring enough to manufacture machines for steep hill forestry.

There are no less than eighteen manufacturers who manufacture Winch Assist machines.

The competition is on the rise for current manufacturers, and loggers alike. The coming months and years will be even more competitive and only some of these manufacturers will survive this competitive environment.  Some of these manufacturers will close their doors while others will grow. For end users it is important to know from whom you can purchase with peace of mind that these companies will continue to operate for years to come.

MYLOGGERMAG will present an in depth study and product review on each of these machines.

Use this as a manual to Winch-Assist machines to help you make the best buying and operative decisions in Steep Hill forestry, especially when it comes to Winch-Assist Machines.



Making an informative decision on what winch-assist machine you will buy is imperative.
Making the wrong decision can set you back years, if not put you out of business.

Read this before you buy…



Make informative decisions when purchasing winch assist machines. 

Below you will find the best brands who manufacture Winch Assist machine with a full description of the capabilities, requirements and specifications of the best Winch Assist Machines currently on the market.



The Falcon Winch Assist is most probably one of the best known in Steep Hill forestry Applications.

We are looking forward to publish the full product review soon on this incredibly powerful system.

Full review of this products coming soon.


Timbermax is an easy fit solution for steep hill – Winch Assist applications.

Many loggers have chosen this system because of its simplicity and power. Even though it comes in a small package, the power equals that of bigger systems.

Full review of this products coming soon.


T-WINCH, a stand alone winch assist system is well sought after.

Because of its compact size and ease of setup this is an incredible solution for steep hill forestry applications where winch assist is needed.

Full review of this products coming soon.



Steep Hill forestry is one of the most challenging areas in forestry today, but also the most lucrative.

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Processors are the money makers in forestry. A demanding part of forestry and a challenge to find the best machines.

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Skidders are the the beasts of the forests. Some skidders are just better than others. 

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Felling heads are the most robust designed equipment in forestry due to the shocks and hammering it receives when felling trees


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