Ponsse’s powerful harvester head for processing eucalyptus trees

Superb length and diameter measuring

Pictured above with standard pine wheels it is interesting to have a closer look at the center wheel that is V-shaped. This will enable the logs to center on the head, giving superb accuracy for length and diameter measurement.

Traction is also better with the tree being centered on the head as both drive arms have full contact with the log.


Anyone who has worked on projects involving debarking will know that debarking heads see a lot more shocks than any other type of harvester head. Mainly due to the forward and backward movements of the tree in the head.

Limbs are essentially not a problem on trees being debarked so wheels and arms are designed with optimized debarking in mind without reducing the superb delimbing quality Ponsse heads are known for.

Wheel covers are added to the drive arm wheels to protect the drive arm motors from shocks when picking trees from a stack.

There are almost no hoses visible on this head making this one of the best overall designed harvester heads in the field of debarking. This harvester head can handle trees up to 50cm. It handles smaller trees as well as bigger trees, once again showing the superb design capabilities from Ponsse engineers.

Saw systems and control

Optimizing your production does not only mean increasing feed speed and optimizing your site. Small things such as the time a saw cuts through a tree and return to home are extremely important factors. Showing Ponsse’s incredible insight into what is needed to produce a machine that takes everything into considerations, Ponsse’s engineers also took this small and regularly overseen factor in mind.

The Saw system is optimized to take into consideration the diameter of the tree that you are cutting, minimizing the time needed for a saw bar to cut through a tree and return home afterward.


The frame of the H8 HD is designed and fabricated with durability and strength in mind. Many are unaware that Ponsse uses robot processes to manufacture their heads. This means that everything can be measured ensuring quality is built into every head purchased. All Ponsse heads are manufactured in the Ponsse factory in Vieremä.

Ponsse successfully entered the heavy-duty head arena. You can now find Ponsse in almost every corner of the world as the reliability and product support for these heads are bar none some of the best.

Ponsee’s strategy to be a global supplier to the forestry industry is growing and more and more customers are choosing Ponsse as a supplier because of the innovative ways they design and manufacture their heads. With the new H8 Heavy-duty debarking we are sure to see more of these in the forests, especially in Eucalyptus forests.


The H8HD has been designed with the 8 wheeler Bear, pictured above with the H8 Harvester head in mind. This is often described as the King of the forest due to its incredible power, hydraulic power, and flows. The bear is versatile in forests and well taken by operators across the globe.

If you are looking at fitting an H8 to a tracked machine the H8 fits perfectly onto a 20 to 30-ton base machines making the Ponsse a sought after option. this will give you the option as well to taste the aftermarket service that Ponsse dealers are well known for.

Once again it is clear that Ponsse has made a tremendous effort designing and fabricating this harvester head. With their exceptional service provided through their dealership network and the backup service from Ponsse towards dealers, Ponsse is sure to make further inroads into the forestry industry. Their aggressive approach to the market is evident even while the world is undergoing incredible challenges economically as we write this article. While others are shy or not ready to launch new technology, Ponsse is at the forefront with a new offering to heavy-duty requirements. It is little wonder that the next head you may want to add to your fleet will be a Ponsse. -MLM –