Something interesting was happening while you were fixing problems on your current harvester, fixing leaks you have been complaining about to the manufacturer for years, struggling with cracks that concern you, but there is nothing you can do about it….

something you are used to, but better…

A head was manufactured in a way that made us stop and take note.

Axis took something we all know and fixed all the quirks; designed all the faults out of the harvester head and created something… well… something that everybody wants.

Harvester heads are not new… They seem complicated but in reality, it is not designed to land on the moon either… So, you wonder… why do we not have the perfect harvester head yet? Why is it that we still battle with leaks and cracks after so many years…

The reason… some manufacturers do not listen… until now….

because they listened…

 You have Axis entering the arena with something… something you are used to but better, stronger, and as we said… all the quirks have been fixed and all the cracks have been designed out of it… because they took the time to listen to the customer.

May we introduce to you the harvester head…

the rebel t22hd….

Built by a company that listens, Axis, a company that stripped the head you knew to the core and redesigned it… created something that everybody wants…

A forestry processing head, designed so that you almost forget you are running a harvester. Instead, you focus on producing wood, cutting trees, and being productive. 

You are left enjoying the cabin that is designed for comfort while the T22HD on the front of the machine you drive becomes an extension of your hands, seamlessly cutting wood, with a measuring accuracy that is desired by many.

The question begs though… is the Rebel the head that will make being a harvester operator the most sought-after career in forestry…


Harvester heads are put to the test daily, absorbing shocks, stress, and forces that most machines do not see. To assemble a machine that can absorb and withstand the forces of high production crews, you need experienced hands-on knowledge of welders and assemblers to produce high-quality, heavy-duty machines. When we say high production crews… we all know you can only be a high production crew when you spend your time processing trees instead of fixing cracks and leaks.

For this reason, to ensure they give you a harvester that lasts, Axis chose experienced staff to handcraft these beasts. Preheating, welding, and assembly techniques only used in producing high-quality, heavy-duty harvesters are used to craft the Rebel, resulting in the head you know, just tougher.

This is what sets the Rebel apart from the heads you know.

It is manufactured in Kamloops, BC, Canada by tradesmen handpicked by the owner of Axis, so you will know that the head you get is a head manufactured by craftsmen who take pride in their work. These tradesmen get to work with the best materials available as the Rebel T22HD is manufactured with high-quality American steel to offer a lightweight and nimble feel when operating.

Attention to detail is found in each Rebel T22HD harvester. After over a decade’s worth of experience in rebuilding other brands of harvester heads, Axis Forestry sought to take away the typical pain points for processor operators. The Rebel frame has reinforcements where other frames commonly crack, and it is redesigned so that it is easy to service.

But that is the mechanical side of things, have a look at what they offer on the control side of this harvester head:

The Cypress Measuring System uses modern, weather-resistant components; it will operate well in extreme cold and heat and boots up in 13 seconds every time. The two modules (cab & head) have small footprints at 6” x 6” x 3” with a 7” touch screen in the cab. The Cypress software is intuitive to use which allows new operators to be productive within minutes and gives experienced operators the confidence to independently tune their machine for faster, more efficient production.


And then they did this…

Getting product support is hard enough let alone getting someone to come to a remote site to fix your machine. We are all too well familiar with the response… ¨All our guys are busy at the moment; we will get to you as soon as we can. ¨

The Cypress system changes this for all of us as it is fully supported by Axis Forestry and includes a full suite of self-diagnostic tools but this is the game changer: – this system can connect to Axis Forestry for remote assistance.

Now seriously. How cool is that? Have a problem… get remote assistance from Axis Forestry. Instead of  ¨All our technicians are busy at the moment you get, just wait a second, let me log on quickly and solve this for you.¨

Can it handle the wood you have…

It is almost easier to ask, what can the Rebel not handle?

The Rebel T22HD can handle logs up to 31” in diameter and comfortably cut wood in the 20-28” diameter range all day long. The Rebel T22HD features a 35”, ¾ auto tension main saw and a .404 chain top saw.

The versatility of this head is incredible as it offers two motor packages: – standard for logging contractors who value speed, and high torque for logging contractors who work in gnarly, limby wood.

this is the rebel t22hd:

  • This harvester head is designed from the core to fix the quirks and cracks you thought were normal.
  • It is handcrafted by qualified, handpicked tradesmen,
  • It has a measuring system that is by far one of the most accurate on the market
  • It gives you remote assistance.





So, is this the head that answers the question:

Will this make being a harvester-operator the most sought-after career in forestry?

The rebel has been designed to be accurate, powerful, and reliable to the extent that you will almost forget that you have a harvester head attached to the front of your machine if it wasn’t for the occasional changing of a chain.

While others in your crew struggle with chainsaws, the cold, rain, mud, and everything else nature has to throw at them… you as an operator know that the Rebel T22HD has made your career the career of dreams… it has taken your skills as an operator to the next level. Now you can show your skill, show your craft… processing trees, instead of fixing leaks, and cracks and dealing with mechanical issues that made being a harvester operator one of the most difficult in the past.

Feedback from logging contractors currently using the Rebel T22HD confirms that the head “feeds like a beast.”

The T22HD is the head that changes what we know… it made quality, reliability, and accuracy the new normal. It made you the operator you knew you were – sought after.


3″ to 30″


360 degrees






2487 KG / 5470lbs


20 – 25 ton



360 lpm / 95 Gpm


5.2 m/s – 17 ft/s

We manufactured and handcrafted the REBEL T22HD to give you a processor that you know, just better

Rebel brand embodies a commitment to excellence which is evident in every meticulously crafted component. From its robust high-strength frame to the high performance measuring system, the Rebel redefines the standards of quality.

When you choose Rebel, you’re choosing the best.

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