Ever turned up at worked feeling ready for the day, only to have your motivation crushed by an angry boss lashing out for something you did the previous day?

Welcome to the world of adults.We would all love to be in a position where we are one hundred percent sure that you will not have any issues, troubles or verbal lashings from a manager or crew owner. That is the perfect world.

This perfect world though is our responsibility to create. Yes, we said it – create.
If we are saying that it is something that we create we are at the same time saying that this world can actually exist. Our working environment can be an environment where everyone gets along, production just flows, and we talk about issues instead of lashing out at each other.
So how do we do this? How do you get to the place where you are certain that you will not enjoy another brow beating or verbal lashing from an angry manager?

First step, stop blaming the manager. Accept responsibility for the things that you are responsible for. When a manager verbally expresses his annoyance with you there is some expectation that you are not meeting. You did not hit production, the trees you are cutting is not cut to expectation, you are not processing logs to the quality expected from you etc, etc, etc. 


There are a million scenarios of things that could go wrong but they all come down to one thing – an expectation of what can be done has not been met

Before any job commences you will know from your own experience what you can achieve. If you have been cutting wood for years you will know what you can cut on any given day.

When you process wood with a processor you will know what can be expected as well. You know what is possible and so should your manager.

If he doesn’t it means you haven’t discussed what can be expected with him from the get go.
When he gives you an order of what needs to be achieved but you think his estimation is wrong and you do not discuss this with him at that moment then don’t blame the manager if he gets angry at you for not meeting his expectations. Your silence tells him you are confident you can meet his expectations.

If you want to start creating a better working environment for yourself, then make sure the goals or expectations are set to the standards that you can achieve.

If you have to stretch a little to get to the expectation it is okay but it should never be outside of what you know you can do. If you have accepted a goal, target or the expectation has been set and you realize at the end of the day that the working environment, terrain etc makes it difficult for you to meet the expectation then communicate this with your manager.


If however you are not meeting the expectations because you are tired when you get to work, you were lazy or just didn’t put in an effort on a given day and the boss does give you a bit of a verbal expression of his annoyance, accept responsibility for your lack of effort, accept your discipline session and get your head back in the game.

Don’t walk around with resentment towards the manager or start carrying a grudge against him for something you are ultimately responsible for.

Pick up your act, strap on those forestry boots and do what loggers do – ACCEPT responsibility and crush the day.



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a profitable

your career… your business.
read that again.
your career… your business.
now add this;
your life your business.

Never thought of your career as actually being your business, or your life for that matter?

What do you do when you go for an interview?
You sell yourself. You talk about what benefits the company who is going to employ you will have if they hire you. You talk about your best attributes, skills etc that make you better than the others that are standing in line to be hired.

You are selling a product – you.

So stop thinking of yourself as just an employee – you are a business, a product, something of value that is being sold to the highest bidder.

So let us take this further, if you are a business and you think of yourself as a business then you are obviously in business to make a profit.
We never think about ourselves as a business or being in business to make a profit. We basically live our lives and settle for the money we get at the end of the month.

We then take our salaries home and then we try to make do with what we have. Very rarely do any of us actually get to the end of the month with money to spare.
Our outgoings are basically exceeding our income.

If you consider your life the same as a business then you are running your business or your life in other words at a loss and any business that continually runs at a loss will be bankrupt soon.

But it is not just money where our expenses exceed our income.

What about our energy levels, our rest, the way we spend our time at home, the quality time you spend with your family friends and loved ones?

If you think of your life and you think of it in terms of a business, a business that sell time, energy, love towards others, attention, motivation etc, how profitable are you really?

Don’t just live life in a rut

where you wake up,

go to work,

come home,





Are you making progress in your life and growing daily in all areas of your life? Are you becoming the best version of you? Are you heading towards a place where you could say that if your life was viewed as a business that you had a profitable one?

Don’t just live life in a rut where you wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat.

Start thinking of your life the same way business people think of their businesses. Look at every aspect of your life and develop it into what it can be.

Make your life a profitable one. Be deliberate in your time and energy and see it as an investment in growing your life.

Your life, make it the best it could be, focus on all aspects of it and create something of value. Your work (career) is just one part of the bigger picture.