A paradigm shift: In simple terms, it is changing the way you see or think about something or adopting a new way of thinking or attitude towards something.

In our industry we know that everyone is after our business, everyone is after our jobs and above all of that, we need to constantly negotiate our way to make use of the limited opportunities to get promoted. Why do we do this? To create a life for ourselves back home, to purchase a house, to send kids to school, to pay bills and hopefully have some money left to purchase a new toy, pay for a holiday or add to the savings. It is because of this end goal, creating a life for ourselves that every single person that you meet at work, actually goes to work for. If you could earn the same money staying at home you would. Only some would say they would still come to work because they enjoy it that much. That is off course the ultimate goal of a business owner, to employ people like this because it is from them that they make the most profit. But with all this being said and done, it is this ultimate goal that each one of us strive for, to create a life for ourselves and for those we love.

It would make sense then that we try to earn as much we can from work so that ultimately we can have more money available to create the life we want back home.

So let us start building on making a paradigm shift so that we can ultimatly make more money and create job security.

Think of a business and as employment in this way.

A business is selling a product or a service to an end customer. The owner of the business and the employee in the business play a specific role in providing this service or product.

The business owner know that he can pay an employee a certain amount of money if he or she can do a specific task and complete a specific task every 22 working days.

As an employee, you also know that you will get paid if you go to work and complete a certain task every 22 days.

So you both know how much you will spend and how much you will make. You also know how much you as an employee can do each day for 22 days to be able to complete the main task that you get paid for and your employer makes money from selling it to a customer.

This whole transaction and your profits depend solely on you as an employee being able to be productive and complete that specific task that you agreed upon every 22 days.

But as the employee you need to be there and be productive every day for 22 days to complete the eventual task or project that you both make money from.

To explain this in monetary terms, your employer pay you $50 a day to be at work every day for 22 days and be productive as a team member to complete certain tasks.

You need to complete a project during the 22 days which your employer will then sell to a customer for $1500. He makes $400 profit every 22 days.

Both you and the employer are happy.

You work hard and hope for a bonus or a raise at the end of the year, but this is determined by how much trust is built during those 22 days of work.


You have to show that you are productive and profitable every day of the 22 days so that you can show you can turn a profit for your employer. To keep you, your employer  will pay you more every year etc.

But if you skip one or two days, your employer still have to pay you for those days. Now his profit dwindles. Your employer now think that you are not as profitable as you could be and so at the end of the year your bonus or raise reflects that and you get less than what was hoped for.

This is the first part of the paradigm. Both your employer and you only make money if you are fit for work and productive every day for 22 days. But hold that thought as it is only a part of the paradigm shift.


If you work in a team you all know that so much more can be done. The team’s efforts can be sold for more and so each individual in the team can also earn more. But this depends on each team member being productive, every day for 22 days to complete a specific task.

If one team member is not productive or does not show for a day or two the whole team and the business suffers. 

Everything is slower and not to the quality that the customer expects. Now the whole team suffers because of one person. You suffer even more at the end of the year because the team knows the reason why they did not get the raise they hoped for was because of you, the employee that did not bring his part for the full 22 days as agreed.

So to continue building on the paradigm shift. We, as individuals need to do everything we can to stay an active and productive individual at work for 22 days a month so that in the end we can create the life we want for ourselves back home with what we earn.

As an individual you need to take ownership of your own health and safety to be able to be that individual that others can depend will be there every day for 22 days a month. Do not look at PPE as preventing you from being hurt, you should look at PPE as keeping yourself productive and able to be productive 22 days a month as part of a team.

You are now focusing on staying healthy and to stay safe, so that you can stay a productive team member at the company you work for. This way you can earn not just what you agreed upon now, but also earn a bigger raise at the end of the year.

This will enable you to create an even better life for yourself and your loved ones back home.

The aim is not to try and not get sick or hurt, the paradigm shift is to aim to stay productive every day, for 22 workdays every month.



It is not to avoid pain but to enjoy benefits.

When you adopt this philosophy you take responsibility for yourself. You do not wait for your boss to tell you to wear your PPE but you wear it because you want to stay productive and an active team member. This way you can earn the maximum money you can earn during the 22 days that are available to you for that month and even more the year after this one.

You do this for you and your family. 

At MYLOGGERMAG we run the same risks as you. We visit forests, factories and we work in teams. We know the risks that not just the machinery poses but also the risk of flu and other communal diseases that is spread through contact with surfaces that have been contaminated.

Every employee has adapted a safe working distance philosophy. We respect the space each employee has to work in.

We do not lean on other peoples desks, spreading germs we could have on our hands to their desks.

Every employee wears a mask when they walk in factories or go and meet other people.

We only wear masks that stop water droplets and dust. Nothing more is needed because most communal diseases such as the flu and now the corona virus, is spread through droplets. (Picture on the left of the mask.)

Every employee washes their hands and wipes their desks often and they do everything they can to stay healthy and productive 22 days a month.

Not for me, but themselves, because they have adapted this paradigm shift. 

We do not avoid getting sick, we aim to stay healthy and productive as team members 22 days a month, every month.

Once the employees have made this paradigm shift, we get more done, we know each person is dependable not just in being capable of doing his task, but also dependable in knowing that I can rely on each of my team members to be there today and tomorrow so that we can work as a team to get tasks done.

I also know they respect me and therefore wear their PPE and masks so that if they did get a flu bug or virus somewhere that they do not spread that virus through a cough or sneeze onto surfaces that their team members may touch.

And this is the paradigm shift each one of us as employees and employers need to make: What I do daily is for myself. To create a life and lifestyle for me and those I love.

I, therefore, do everything I can to be earning as much as I can during every 22 days that is available to me.

I do this by staying healthy, protecting myself so that I stay a healthy and productive participant in a team.

I take on this responsibility as an individual because in the end, this is my life, my responsibility and it influences the outcome of my life.

– MLM –


Make it a personal goal to do whatever you can personally to stay a healthy, safe and productive team member

Make it a personal goal never to take a sick day.

Make it a personal goal never to get hurt at work or at home that puts you out for a few days from work.

Make it a personal goal to look after yourself so that you are always able to be the most productive and postive person in your team.







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