Welcome to the BRANDBUILDER series from MYLOGGERMAG.

BRANDBUILDERS are different from any other person who may ever set foot on your land. They are not salesmen, they are not mechanics or technicians and yet they are all these things and more. They are your go to people whenever you need something regardless of the specifics.

Think of that one person you will phone if you need a new machine, a spare part or a repair done on your machine. It is that one person who immediately comes to mind when you need something for your crew or business. The person you know will get it done no matter what? That is a brand builder.

So if you are a crew owner and you happen to have contact with a brand builder – your go to man – hold onto that phone number and never let it go. Brand builders will most likely move to another company on average every five years, unless they happen to find a company where their managers or owners of the brand actually understand the work ethic of a brand builder and fully support them in what they do and need, to be what they are – a brand builder. Although they may move to another company they will stay loyal to you the end user – the crew owner. It is a relationship that is pertinent to any crew owner’s success.

Brand builders are invaluable in the forestry industry. If it was not for our go to people most crew owners would have left the forestry industry a long time ago and looked for another way to make a living. Brand builders take the pain out of what we do as they keep us going when we need them most.

We trust that through this series you will find more brand builders that will help you, the crew owner get the most out of your machines and operation.


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We first met Ben Addenbrooke when he was working for Ron Williams Forestry Services in Rotorua in New Zealand.

It was clear from the outset when we met Ben that we are dealing with an individual that stands out from the crowd. It is fair to say that Ben has an impressive personality that flows through his work ethic.

From the outset it was clear that Ben operates on a level far above that what you can expect from a normal employee in a company.

Ben’s background

Ben was born in Kawerau, a mill town in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand but Ben’s incredible reputation started to build when he was given the opportunity to sweep the floor at HGM Construction and got offered an apprenticeship on completion of a basic engineering and mechanical course.

In early 2013 Ben took the step that many fear and partnered up with RWFS to build the company up from 3 employees to a team of 10 engineers and mechanics, servicing the forestry, agricultural and Quarrying industry. Ben completed his formal training and ran projects for HGM construction until the company closed its doors in January 2003.

Ben married Renee and moved to Rotorua and took on the roll as workshop foreman at Active Engineering running the forestry division where they guarded excavators for forestry use.

Ben stayed at Active Engineering for a Year before having a fall out with the division manager and left to work for Engineering Services more commonly known as Ensign in the Guarding shop.

After a short stint in Australia Ben returned to New Zealand and went back to work for Active Engineering doing project work, developing their range of guarding packages before developing the field service side of the company and a weld on tungsten specialist applications like TACA, a hard facing process applied to wear components.