Attract your current customers and potential customers to click on your brand name, to find the dealers who represent you in their respective areas by capitalizing on your brand name and logo.

A brand is more than just a name – it conveys trust and the ability for customers and potential customers to recognize your products immediately.

For example, if you had a list of products written in standard text but one of the brands displays a logo in the list instead, which one are you most likely to click on. It goes without saying that you would click on the logo as you will most probably have a level of trust invested into this brand. Our customers are the same.

The fact that you have a brand and a logo representing the brand is extremely powerful.

MYLOGGERMAG’s Forestry Directory is being visited on a daily and hourly basis by your current customers and potential customers looking for new products. Get your brand represented and easily recognized by making sure that your logo is being displayed in the list instead of plain text.


If you do not see your BRAND name displayed in the list, it means that none of your current dealers have opted in to advertise their dealership under our dealer directory. If you do see one of your dealers in the directory but your name are not displayed, it means that none of the dealers you see have nominated to be listed under your BRAND name yet. Each advertising package sold to dealers have a number of BRANDS they can be listed under and they may have opted to be listed under other brands that they represent instead of yours.

A listing under an additional brand by a dealer can be ordered from MYLOGGERMAG or a BRAND manufacturer can decide to sponsor a dealer or dealers to display their dealers under their brand name.

For more information on our packages for BRAND MANUFACTURERS please click here and we will send you more info.